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  1. Thanks, I have no idea at this point other its stopping a vfio stage on a GPU that is used for passthrough but that is completely unrelated at this point and the VM is not set to auto start. Recently added all my drives from my main server into this, so I'm trying to get everything working right before I leave it alone again.
  2. I'm trying to find out why this system will not shut down correctly. Suggestions on where to look for what is keeping the mount active. I need to use fusermount -uz /mnt/user for the stop command to complete. EDIT - Added open files plugin.. Also it stops here at login but works otherwise ok. firefly-diagnostics-20200618-1826.zip
  3. The system is working, but the boot up stops here? Just checking that this is not normal? If I go the GUI route then the desktop does appear. Thanks,
  4. The issue is that I can no longer boot from USB, I think if I take the NVME out everything will be back to normal. I installed windows as a VM with the NVME passed through, this was working great until I rebooted the machine. It rebooted to windows, following that I rebooted it myself selecting the USB sandisk and unraid started to boot. I wish I took a screen shot, but it locked up. Maybe was showing vfio errors. Rebooted again I can't boot from the USB stick, can't see the boot manager anymore. Created a new USB stick, can't boot from that either. On the flip side windows runs really fast and it's the first time I've really run it on bare metal with anything installed. I've Ordered a LSI card and plan to move the disks into my other server and then will see what actually happened here.
  5. I use vlans at home and this caused all the traffic to leave via the management address even after binding it to an interface within the rclone upload script. The fix was to add a route second routing table and route for the IP I assigned it to. The subnet is 192.168.100/24 The gateway is The IP assigned to rclone upload is echo "1 rt2" >> /etc/iproute2/rt_tables ip route add dev br0.100 src table rt2 ip route add default via dev br0.100 table rt2 ip rule add from table rt2 ip rule add to table rt2
  6. My array was not stopping and I blamed this when I couldn't quite work out where the fuser command was, I'll have to see if there is something else causing it not to stop as it looks to be unrelated. I don't plan on stopping it just yet, its running its purpose. Main focus is getting things ready to back it all up.
  7. @watchmeexplode5 It's good to see someone else state we didn't need all the extra mount points. Also used Plex guide for awhile, plex left my Unraid system for about a year. I'm not having much luck with the unmount script on array stop, having to manually use fusermount -uz command each time. I let people start using plex again so I don't plan to stop it again just yet.
  8. @DZMM great info thanks, it'll help when I finish this as I need to move some disks around.
  9. It's the time to think, I previously moved my whole plex and related setup to a hosted dedicated server 1gb/1gb as with gdrive my upload is not good enough to keep up 400/35. Cost wise it would now work out around the same for me to upgrade to a business connection which gives me options of 400/200 or 750/375. I recently built a 2 in 1 gaming pc on a 7700 and since I've had an Intel CPU begging me to use quicksync I've been looking at options to bring my plex setup back home. Right now it only has 1 SSD and 1 NVME but that will change soon. Did you place your pool as "LocalFilesShare="/mnt/disks/NVMEpool and array as LocalFilesShare2="/mnt/user/local" I'm checking its just a case of placing the shares in the order you want them to be used or was there more to it?
  10. @DZMM Do you mount the mergefs within /mnt/user? I had read some recommendations to place it in /mnt/disks and then use RW,Slave option for dockers however I'm not certain if that was old information or not. Previously I had used service accounts, but I've not set that here. Is the 750GB limit an upload limit, or does it include streaming (or is that just API limit) I don't expect to be uploading more than 750gb per day. I have some concerns that my array may not keep up with downloads, extraction etc etc. I thought about putting the 'local' mount point on an NVME/SSD. Have you or anyone done such configurations? I have almost everything working (*plex is misbehaving). Added mergefs mount to /user within docker and Plex scanned all the movies and tv over night. However I now can't access the Plex UI locally but accessing movies and files is fine, accessing from Plex.tv is fine. Accessing Plex UI directly gives connection closed or timed out. @neow I only just started using this whole process on Unraid, started on the original scripts and then moved onto the new ones. I only had to change the settings in the new scripts near the top of the file to match my requirements and used the same paths or names within the different scripts. Then it worked. I believe it's referring to the name of your share within rclone.conf
  11. Thank you That's a really good start. root@Firefly:~# rclone lsd tcrypt: -1 2019-04-09 20:41:53 -1 movies I was copying the encrypted part from it but it has many service accounts defined as well starting fresh seemed good, finally trying to understand this. Yes using Unraid and the rclone plugin. I guess I can look into the next bit now.
  12. thanks I've seen that now, but I'm still getting stuck at almost the first step. Tried a working client id/key to test and created a new one. Completed the remote auth and provided response. I've selected the correct team drive once it was listed. But verifying the mount fails. root@Firefly:~# rclone lsd tdrive 2020/03/06 22:14:06 ERROR : : error listing: directory not found 2020/03/06 22:14:06 Failed to lsd with 2 errors: last error was: directory not found
  13. I'm already using rclone encrypted with tdrive on another os/app (plexguide) but I'm just not quite following how to mount my library on to Unraid. Watching the video and there are some differences. It could just be my head is hurting. What goes as the root folder? I can make the service keys, I have another system I can look at its rclone.conf that's mounting this tdrive. Just need to get the final pieces together to get it mounted on Unraid. root@Firefly:~# rclone config No remotes found - make a new one n) New remote s) Set configuration password q) Quit config n/s/q> n name> 13 Type of storage to configure. Enter a string value. Press Enter for the default (""). Choose a number from below, or type in your own value Storage> 13 client_id> 1.....................................apps.googleusercontent.com Google Application Client Secret Setting your own is recommended. Enter a string value. Press Enter for the default (""). client_secret> ....................... Scope that rclone should use when requesting access from drive. Enter a string value. Press Enter for the default (""). Choose a number from below, or type in your own value 1 / Full access all files, excluding Application Data Folder. \ "drive" scope> 1 ID of the root folder Enter a string value. Press Enter for the default (""). root_folder_id> Some progress Current remotes: Name Type ==== ==== tcrypt crypt tdrive drive
  14. I've only just started following running this on Unraid, mainly seeing everything on getting the gdrive side of things setup. Can someone point me something to read on setting up tdrives on Unraid. I have a media collection already in tdrive I'm looking to mount here instead. Edit - reading the 5/2/20 UPDATE now!
  15. After spending a year or so enjoying passthrough VM's on Ryzen, I had a good idea what I could get out of it. Both the users access all the games via Steam clients or Steamlink type devices. I'm only looking for around 60fps and really not looking at 4k gaming or anything. Ended up building a system with the following X-Case XK445S 4U 7700k 32GB Ram 1070TI 1080TI Array Disk - 128GB SSD (This is just a temp solution and will put some disks in it at some point) Unassigned Disk - Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 I know it's not advised to share cores between VM's, however. VM1 1070ti, Cores 2+6 & 3 VM2 1080ti Cores 1+5 & 7 Currently getting 60 FPS in Quake Champions, Overwatch, Minecraft & C&C RA 3. GPU's will be cpu limited but they do work. Same results on both machines, need more testing to see if any real slowdowns.