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  1. TY for the link. I take it that that being the Samba peoples site rather then the UNRAID peoples site things would be different and not being an advanced user I would not know where to begin knowing the difference. This is probably why a good set of documentation for UNRAID would be helpful ... I have 6 physical machines mostly Windows 10 but not all, some are Debian 10 one is a laptop on wifi 1 Unraid server today but awaiting setting up a second server the last thing on the list I wish to logon from any machine with user and password. as normal yet have everything connected in the background so they are all visible to each other . can read or write to any machine and from any machine including the Unraid server. Ideally I would like to use certificates I have a domain name but this is not the next thing to do the next thing to do is to get it to where I get what I want/need or at least what I am expecting. and at the moment I am getting very strange results As an example mapping a windows drive to get full r/w rights in that level it works but go one or 2 levels in and the permissions are gone . Windows is strange I have reinstalled that machine more then once to make sure it was not me with a wrong setting somewhere. This has shown that Unraid is where I have the wrong setting or it is just Windows behaving terrible with Samba. Regards Rhino2310
  2. ok so there is no need to for you, great but I wish to at least be able to find the format to use my question still remains what is the separator that would work here in this example.
  3. I very much miss the days when you purchased a new operating system and you received a manual yes a real book now today a PDF would be cool but what we have is not what was the normal
  4. [shareroot] path = /mnt/user comment = not public browseable = yes public = no valid users = bob, dale, dale2, pete, peter, william write list = bob, dale, dale2, pete, peter, william vfs objects = so would a comma work here ? No I am not managing a massive network just 6 machines connected to the unraid server I am not a Advanced Member just looking for what the format is ? Regards Rhino2310
  5. OK looking for the format to use is it a space a comma or maybe a semicolon to add multiple users . I have looked in the official the unofficial wiki searched the forums found it 3 times but only for a single user. watched Spaceinvader ones video only one user. Regards Rhino2310
  6. It could also be said that the 'Squeaky wheel gets the oil' .
  7. https://www.mwave.com.au/product/cyberpower-cp900epfclcdaau-pfc-sinewave-900va-540w-ups-tower-with-lcd-ab89747 Is on its way should be a merry Christmas for my unraid server
  8. Box1 Asus 970 Aura Motherboard AMD FX 8350 16GB 2133MHz DDR3 ram maxed out slots Box2 MSI x370 Carbon Motherboard AMD Ryzen7 1700 16GB 3200MHz DDR4
  9. Trying to follow video's about passthrough My system devices output does not show PCI I am thinking the format has changed and now the PCI/IOMMU are in the same group I see what I think is Hardware ID at front of output for which to blacklist hardware... ? IOMMU group 0: [1002:5a14] 00:00.0 from above is the hardware id between the [] as in this 1002:5a14 would be hardware id with which to blacklist ? Hello one and all feels strange standing on this soapbox Cheers Rhino