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Toggle GPU passthrough on/off for a VM


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I searched the forums but couldn't find an answer to what I think would be a common thing needed.


Say I have two VMs, one Linux and one Windows 10, each working well with GPU passthrough.


However, I'd like to sometimes have the Linux VM booted up using VNC mode, and the Win10 VM booted using GPU.  And then, sometimes, vice versa.




What is the easiest way to toggle between VNC mode and GPU mode on a VM?  


Can I setup two VM definitions in unRAID, say "Linux GPU", "Linux VNC" that both point to the same vdisk?  And then make sure to never attempt to run both at the same time?


Or, is it better to have a single VM definition, but have two copies of the XML saved (one for VNC and one for GPU) and then cut and paste the XML depending on which mode is needed.


Just curious how others are doing this.





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