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The HDD/SSD DataSheet


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Great idea!


One minor comment, though. Experience on the forums is that drives that run at high temperatures have a shorter lifetime. This may be due to the fact that many times our drives are spun down and therefore quite cool (relatively speaking), and that when they spin up and start running quite hot, there is a significant thermal expansion effect that, over time, shortens the life. (So it's quite possible that running a disk on the hot side 24x7 is not so harmful.) But for unRAID, I would take the manufacturers spec with a very large grain of salt! Looking at this sheet and saying, gee, the max temp is 65C, so running at 60C should be fine. That would NOT be a good conclusion. Aim for temps under 40C, and if they get to 45C, I'd suggest starting to look at options to reduce temp. If my disks ever got to 50C, I'd shut down the server until I remediated. (That's me, YMMV)

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