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GUI VM selection


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I will most likely start testing this weekend, time permitting. I may find my answer in the apps once I do.


For now, Is there a way to have a screen display the VM's installed on my system to boot from there?


I imagine having a keyboard/monitor/GPU assigned to a few VM's. I know they can't be active at the same time.


So at that "station" when there are no VM's active there will be a sort of login screen offering the various VM's available to that station.


This way the less technical users in my house could launch their VM of choice without needing access to the UNRAID config web page.


Is this possible/available?



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I have not seen anything along those lines, but I haven't looked either...


What I do is use a VNC client inside each VM and connect to that from my workstation.. I'm a fan of TeamViewer so I have it installed in my VM's and use the TeamViewer app to connect to the VM's when I want to.  The TeamViewer login screen can have the VM names however you'd like them as to make them easy to distinguish.


The same can be done with RealVNC, UltraVNC, etc.. but TeamViewer makes it nicer as you don't need to know the IP/port address to connect to and instead displays a name to select.


Using TeamViewer also has the added benefit of being able to be used remotely via pc or mobile device if you really want to.

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