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  1. I am using 6.5.3 currently. This is the second time this has happened now in less than 2 months. I don't recall the details of the first time to know if anything has been repeated this time though. Last time I didn't look into it much and just used a back up VM image. Since this is the second time I would like to see if there is a proper fix for it. Here's what happened. The array did it's parity check. There were 3 errors, it was like that last time too, but that is a separate issue that I am looking into and will post separately about it.
  2. Thank you for mentioning that plug in. I hadn't found it. I will look into it and maybe try it, but it does say fan control is only for X10/X11 motherboards. Mine is older. I know SM implemented more controls into later boards so I may not get the control I am looking for unless I upgrade, which isn't in the near future.
  3. That was it. I must have read or done that by accident last time. It worked through /mnt/cache. Thank you very much.
  4. Yes, source and target are btrfs. I am using the command in the VM folder in the domains share which is on the cache drive. I am using /mnt/user
  5. Hello, I have successfully used this command before to clone a windows 10 vm. I tried to use it yesterday and today in various ways (-- reflink after cp, and at end of line since I have seen it both ways). It fails saying "Operation not supported". I saw a comment on a post about it being broken in CentOS which is based on RedHat linux (I think) so it may not necessarily be the same. Is anyone else having problems with this or is it just me?
  6. Hello, I have read a few posts and it seems that installing outside packages seems to be a bad idea. I have Nerdpack installed and it works great for the packages it has. I have an older Supermicro X8 motherboard. I have the fans set at optimal in the bios and it is okay, but I am attempting to get more control over the fans. The Dynamix system autofan in CA does not work, in fact the Dynamix system temp does not work either. I found a python script that goes a little deeper into the fan controller chip and looks like it will give me more control. It requires a couple of other packages th
  7. Okay, my apologies. I did do some reading, and think I read the posts you are talking about. I guess I didn't think they were the same since my dockers have an IP address on the same network as my real computers. I am learning and know just enough to get myself into trouble. Thank you for the prompt reply.
  8. Hello , I have gotten this container set up a couple of times. Once it was with host networking. When I did that I could only access the Unraid GUI. I have now changed networking to its own IP. Now I can access every other computer and docker containers with their own IP, but not the Unraid IP, GUI or otherwise. Any ideas on what I should be looking at? Thanks.
  9. Okay, thanks anyway. I have googled...a lot. I believe I have set it up correctly from what I have found. I will look for information on setting it up as a device.
  10. As an update I have gotten a couple more of them to work by forcing the CAID shown on other channels on them. Some still dont work though. I am thinking that maybe they use a different CAID for some reason. Is there a way to view what the CAID is of a channel when I am streaming it?
  11. Okay, that is entirely possible. There were a lot of instructions spread out for this device. I came up with the following: Enable devices in TVadapter tab. Set up automatic IPTV network using m3u file. Map muxes to services to channels. Since 92 out of 101 were working I figured I was good on the basic setup. Do you have a link to the method you are talking about with it as a device?
  12. I dont have the HDHomerun software on this pc to connnect directly to the HDHromerun. I can check from my other pc later if needed. I can play the channel through the play link in the mux tab through VLC so I know it is working though. The service link is bad, but the mux link is good. Is there a way to use the mux link instead? The logs says no assigned adapters. Is there a way to manually assign the adapter to the channel?
  13. Thanks for offering some help. Here are the screen shots you requested. I included one for the log window output too instead of typing it. On the services tab I did have to set hide to "none" since it says the parents are disabled. On the services tab it shows auto check disabled. I changed that in my attempts to get it working.
  14. I have gotten a HDHomerun Prime working with schedules direct EPG; for the most part. However, there are 9 channels that do not work. When I originally ran "map all" on the services they were ignored. I then manually added the channels based on some reading and set the service they connect to. The muxes pages shows them as mapped. I have been reading/trying to find out how to fix them and have discovered a few things that might give clues as to what the problem is. 1. If i play the link from the muxes tab in VLC they work. If I play the link in V