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Outside package installation

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I have read a few posts and it seems that installing outside packages seems to be a bad idea. I have Nerdpack installed and it works great for the packages it has. I have an older Supermicro X8 motherboard. I have the fans set at optimal in the bios and it is okay, but I am attempting to get more control over the fans. The Dynamix system autofan in CA does not work, in fact the Dynamix system temp does not work either. I found a python script that goes a little deeper into the fan controller chip and looks like it will give me more control. It requires a couple of other packages though. specifically python-smbus and i2c-dev. I have not found prebuilt packages for those, but if I were to figure out how to build them for slackware do the experts think either one may cause problems?


The page about the script is here:



Thanks in advance for your help.



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Thank you for mentioning that plug in. I hadn't found it. I will look into it and maybe try it, but it does say fan control is only for X10/X11 motherboards. Mine is older. I know SM implemented more controls into later boards so I may not get the control I am looking for unless I upgrade, which isn't in the near future.

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I've been working on this as well to no avail .. I can't get past the 'as' error 

cc: error trying to exec 'as': execvp: No such file or directory


Scratch that. I got the python smbus package compiled now.. hoping that will work with that script .. testing and will update

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