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  1. I just installed this plugin and i am unable to make my settings changes stick. I hit save and screen refreshes after 15-20 seconds and nothing has changed from the default. For example i am changing to 4 columns, 4 rows, physical tray assignment direction -left to right and temp in Fahrenheit. When i hit save its still at the defaults. I am running Unraid 6.7.0-rc2 Any ideas what may be going on?
  2. yes, i checked it, hit exclude selected, apply, then uncheck and exclude selected and apply. When i go to run the perms, its still listed as an exemption.
  3. That does not work, it takes me to the FCP page where the box for media is already unchecked. I have checked again/unchecked etc all to no avail. I have even reinstalled FCP plugin.
  4. I posted this in General support but then realized its part of this plugin.. Any ideas?
  5. I am wanting to fix some permissions problems on my media share but somehow Docker New Safe Perms has it exempted from running it there. Where is this setting stored so I can remove the exemption?
  6. updated Docker and now I am getting this when attempting to log into the WebUI, I have already removed and reinstalled the Docker as 1st step. I am attempting to connect through a VPN currently so i am not sure if that has anything to do with it. It used to work previously but its been a while since i have needed to log in for anything. I am not sure which logs i should be looking for to troubleshoot this. edit: also logged into a machine on my local network (no vpn) and tried from there, same error.
  7. Thanks, not sure why i was under the impression I needed them both.. stupid mistake. Seems to be working now. ugh, hate when I'm stupid lol
  8. Been having an issue last few days. Plex WebUI wasnt working so I went to investigate. Couldn't ever find a solid problem, so I decided to start over from scratch. WebUI works now, but cannot find PLex Server. Logs show Starting Plex Server over and over. Screenshots of various things attached. Any suggestions on how to get this working would be helpful. thanks.
  9. Funny, i just ran across this thread and implemented it myself. easy.
  10. I have given up trying to get my Mellanox 10GBe cards to work so I thought i would try plan b. I have 2 quad intel gig nics that I can put in each of my 2 unraid servers. My plan is to back up data from one to the other. Can I bond them and then Direct connect them? Will this gain me anything in perfomance? Im not too concerned with speed I suppose as my backups will only copy over whats new each time it runs. I know it will help with failover and load balance etc.. I guess i just need to see if this is supported? And do i plug cables into like ports on each card, or does it matter?
  11. one other thing of note. I ran tail -f /var/log/syslog on each system..
  12. thanks for the help as always, I will see if i can move my desktop around to get them connected.
  13. weird, seems every now and then it will ping successfully.. Thoughts?
  14. Here is config. Seems that when both interfaces are up, i run ping command, it fails and then takes link back down.