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  1. What was your solution to this? I added a new drive to my array, and I am having this same issue now. Last two times I have rebooted, I get wrong encryption key. I have added other drives the same way. No issue. Put drive in, pre-clear, stopped array, added to slot, start array, format,bingo more storage. Reboot and says wrong encyption key. Diagnostics attached @ChatNoir tower-diagnostics-20201117-1613.zip
  2. I put a new 10TB drive in the array. Followed normal steps: preclear. Then stop array. Add it in next pull down menu to array, Start array. click format. Done Well, now I have rebooted twice since. 1st time said Unmountable: wrong encryption key. I was annoyed, but nothing much was on drive so I just clicked format and it worked once again. I just rebooted and now same thing. Drive won't mount. I really don't want to reformat again. This happened last month with my cache drive. I forget how I eneded up fixing it. I tried even making new array option. Then doing a parit
  3. I am having some issues when reboot my server now. At first my cache drive would not mount saying wrong encryption key. After a couple reboots and reformats changing cache drive to xfs encrypted. Seems to work? I stopped array and now none of drives will mount saying wrong encryption key. I see an option at the bottom that says "delete key file" I want to click it *don't push the big red button 🙂 " I am guessing that just deletes the keyfile that is created when i open the array with a password? Then when I stopped the array. The keyfile stays there? I won't brea
  4. I had an issue a week ago which caused me to have to reformat my cache disk. Now everytime I reboot my server it says cache disk has wrong encryption key file. Last time I saw this. I was pissed but reformated my drive and rebuilt all the vm's etc. I had backups at least But, I had to reboot today and same issue. Can somebody assist why this keeps happening? Settings is set to btrf encrypted so everything seems set right. I had to leave house. But when I get home. Wonder if I can cryptsetup ....... To decrypt and open the cache disk?
  5. being overly cautious. I could be way off base. But, was thinking if crypto ever hit system, having the backup drive attached could get encrypted. So I thought if it is not mounted, not risk of data loss?
  6. Yeah, that is why i was thinking the /by-id/blahblahblah_part1 would avoid the sdX issue. thanks. I will check out that page. What UD page? Github? On here? I can't find what you are talking about
  7. How do I manually mount an unassigned drive in a user script? I have a backup script. just a bunch of simple rsync commands to an external 12TB drive. I was thinking I don't want that always mounted. On my old linux box I had a simple check if disk mounted, if not mount and check file system. I tried to add this simple command to user scripts (mount /dev/disk/by-id/xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxx_part1) but that messed things up. I rebooted server and watched log as it was mounted. See this command. Sep 7 20:03:53 Tower unassigned.devices:
  8. I turned off the vdisk and the vm is still pausing? and I unplugged the keyboard and mouse that was acting up. Any other idea?
  9. For some reason. My two windows 10 vm's have been pausing recently. The only change I have done is got a new dell Ultrawide monitor with a built in kvm in it. At first I thought having the mointor switch between inputs and keyboard unplugging so to speak when I switched monitor back to another computer caused it. But, only ONE of the vm's was on the monitor. I have TWO radeon video cards in server. One rx580, on rx570. They have been running for a long time and this has never been an issue. I swapped vm's to the monitor to see if the other vm that is not running on t
  10. I am having same issue. Would love to see if any responses.
  11. I tried this install. Stil having the same errors I have had. I have installed arch a million time on a physical box. But the issue I am having via unraid. I reboot the vm and I come to a grub: prompt. Can't do anything. if I type exit, i get the EFI bios screen. can't get vm to boot. Any advice?
  12. So I tried to add a 2nd cache drive today (two ssd's, one is a 1tb samsung and the other is a 500 gig samsung) But that is a another forum post. Well, Once I did that and had to reformat the two ssd's. I backed up all the appdata with the appdate backup plugin. I restored it and had to reinstall all my dockers. That is working fine now. My issue is this. I have an nvme drive that was in this computer until I turned it back into an unraid server. A couple months ago I had everything working and I was able to boot windows off of the nvme drive and has
  13. Wierd. I will check that. I have 4 memory chips. 3200 mhz. I have the mother board clocked at 3200 (the same speed as the ram) Wonder if that is the issue?
  14. I have been having odd things happen over last week or two to my server. Can't narrow it down. Seems to work for 2-3 days. Then come down in the morning and it is not able to be reached. Sometimes I can ping it, and it responds. But webgui is not accessable. Eventually just hard boot the server and it works again for couple days. Now weird thing is. None of my shares are showing up. Server is there. ALL the drives are spun down. Even the parity drive is spun down. So I clicked spin everything up. Still could not get to a share. So I clicked on share fo
  15. I had this working a long time ago. But had to repurpose my server back to a normal desktop. Well, I bought a new desktop and my server is back. Asus rog x470 with ryzen 2700x. I have an RX580 and RX570 I put in the case. One was going to be used for plex docker (another battle for another day) and the other was going to be for my windows 10vm. I have my nvme drive seperate from array (unassigned devices) and I am able to boot the windows that was on there (when it was a stand alone pc) as a vm in unraid and that is working fine. But, when I try to use either of the GPU's as a p