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  1. I built a new rig. I have a Asus ROG x470 with ryzen 2800x. I want this machine to be two thing. A desktop machine running windows 10, and unraid in background. I have unraid running and windows 10 vm with a new MSI radeon rx570 8g. I also have a older nvidia qudro nvs 450 that I want to use as my unraid video card. I can keep other monitor and keyboard and mouse on the side to manage unraid without having to touch main computer (yes, I know I can through webui,but if I have to reboot and start array, need backup monitor) The issue I have had and worked through. I had unraid boot to gui, which was going through rx570. Then when I booted vm, and passed that card to vm, both systems were fighting for the card. Now I just boot unraid to default, terminal screen, then have to use laptop to start the array, then vm will load and I see the monitor working. I can't seem to get the system to boot and utilize the nvidia card as my main card, and don't tough the rx570 as that is strictly to be passed through to the vm. How do I get unraid to boot to gui (I am sure something in go file) and have unraid use the nvidia card as the management card? RX570 is in 1st pci slot on board (closest to cpu). Nvidia is in 2nd pci slot. Please assist! Thanks as always!
  2. bphillips330

    [SOLVED] Commands to start and stop array

    Is there a "start" button so to speak. and a spot to put in encryption key from the cli?
  3. bphillips330

    [SOLVED] Commands to start and stop array

    I know this is a very old thread. Will this work if array is encrypted? How to mount encrypted array
  4. bphillips330

    Dragon, my new unRAID Build

    so save the money and build decent server for server stuff. Then build a new desktop also. hmm
  5. bphillips330

    Dragon, my new unRAID Build

    That is my dillemma. My current server will become my desktop. It is roughly 4 years old. intel 4790k with 24 gigs of ram. Will work as a desktop. Threadripper might be overkill. But would be nice to have a nice desktop burried in the server. Win 10 vm or whatever to house my photoshop and lightroom tasks. I am curious how utilizing that vm remotely, would affect performance?
  6. bphillips330

    Dragon, my new unRAID Build

    Nice Build, I am just trying to get together a new build for me. Sounds like we run about the same stuff. I have not built a system in a couple years. Realy torn on processors and mb. Xeon, or i7/i9 or a threadripper 16 core. Mostly plex, but I also do a lot of photography, and would like my win10 vm to be a full fledged computer. Lot of cores and ram, and passthrough a video card for rendering projects. Budget is 1000-1500 for MB, ram, case (to hold 6 or so 3.5 inch drives) and 3 ssd's, power supply, cpu cooler (never done liquid, but might get an all in one liquid cooler vs noctua dual heatsink thing) Ugh. So many options..... ha
  7. I have upgraded to newest version of unraid. For some reason everytime I reboot, a parity check starts. I made sure everything shut down correctly yesterday, all vm's etc... rebooted, and started array, and parity check started. Checked and there was no unclean shutdown warning. I also have my parity check to run monthly, I tried to do it quarterly but didn't work. Please help me figure out why parity check is running when I reboot? It takes 18hours and my server is affected when it is running speed wise.
  8. bphillips330

    Server Locks up

    I had an issue in the past where I thought I locked it down to a docker Krusader. When I would use it. Would lock system and would have to hard boot. I no longer use that docker and issue went away for a while. But has been creeping back up. Not sure if started before or after the upgrade to 6.6. But Server is HARD LOCKED. I go to computer, turn on monitor, I see login prompt but I can't do anything..... I have to pull plug and start server again. Which then of course prompts for a day long parity check each time........... But I can't trouble shoot what is causing it as it is random it seems. And the logs are wiped on reboot. Is there a way I can capture my logs or whatever on a set schedule? I guess some sort of script that says write to log in usb stick? Write dmesg to file on hard drive? Then wipe that file every day or so. So I only have the dmesg, or whatever at time of lockup? When I look at log, in gui, i get a ton of dmar error's. I looked it up the other day on google and looked like an iommu error that could be fixed. It was an arch linux forum, which I used to use. I don't pass anything through to vm's. I run a windows 10 vm. an arch linux vm. nzbget docker, sonarr and radarr, and I tihnk that is it. 24 gigs of ram. intel 7970k processor I believe. 4tb parity drive, 1 4tb data drive. a couple 3tb red drives. two ssd's in raid1 for cache drive. Any help you can provide to assist me in figureing out what is causing server to lock up. Been happening more recently then it ever has.
  9. I need help trouble shooting. I don't know if it is a share issue, network issue, or what. But for some reason when trying to connect to samba shares from Windows machines (windows 10 laptop, windows 7 desktop, multiple machines) I click on a folder and it takes a very LONG time to get the folder loaded. I am not sure where to even start troubleshooting. Permisions are set correct I believe. Is there a good place to start looking? If I go to terminal and simple cd to the folder. Everything seems much quicker. But, just seems when connecting via a windows machine just takes a while to load.
  10. bphillips330

    nginx docker vs Linux vm with nginx running?

    I do all that with my vpn to my house and rdp.
  11. bphillips330

    nginx docker vs Linux vm with nginx running?

    Just getting back to this. I have everything up and running in my arch linux vm. But i was seeing a ton of using nginx, well lets encrypt and nginx for reverse proxy. Why would I need a reverse proxy? Is there a reason to do this?
  12. bphillips330

    KVM backups / snapshots?

    I know this is an old post. I have two vm's running on my cash. Don't think they are setup as qcow. Just .img. Is there a way I can check to see if they are qcow? Can I convert them to qcow? or should I just reinstall? They are windows 10 vm and a arch linux vm. I found this reference from another post. This still work?
  13. Pretty fluent with linux........ ok to a degree. I know I am having a permission issue. Using nzbget in docker. Files are being saved as nobody:users. My user is say bob on samba. When I try to delete files from my windows box (or any other device) I don't have permission to delete. How do I make it that my user can have rights to delete or modify? Add bob to the Users group? I think that user is. I understand that any " user" on unraid is a samba user and not a true linux user. Please advise. edit****** I ran the tool under tools for docker safe new permissions. I excluded every folder I have except my download folder. that worked. I dont' want to always run that (or go and manually chown all files) when I want to delete something.........
  14. bphillips330

    How to start encrypted array from cli?

    I am very familiar with tunneling over ssh. I already have putty setup with this. Can't figure out how to do via securecrt. I guess my questoin is. If I reboot my server remotely. I don't have the key saved at the moment for obvoius reason. But I can't wait till I get to server to reboot. One of my external drives is causing an error which took all my unassigned devices offline. If I reboot server. I wonder If I can still get to ssh into the server and boot from cli. Or, I have another computer up on the network. I can RDP to that computer. Then start the server that way. Hmm that should work.
  15. I need to get this setup on my Raspberri. Need to figure out how when I get the illusive free time!