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Seagate 10TB 7200rpm - Will it work with Unraid?

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Model # ST10000NM0146

Seagate 10TB 

Note:  These Drives utilize 4Kn block size (I just learned what that was today)


Hi everyone,


Tried doing a search and didn't find anything on this harddrive. 

I've been away from the Unraid NAS life for a long time.  Thinking of rebuilding a NAS and I can get ahold of a few of these hdd's for a good price.  My current NAS is running FreeNAS but I'm thinking of returning to Unraid.  Since the hdd's in my FreeNAS box are using 512N block size hdd I'd have to essentially redo the whole server with the 10TB which utilize 4Kn block size.   If they work then hopefully I can sell my 6TB and 4TB hdd to help cover the cost of the 10TB units. 



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