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How to add cpu's to VM by manually editing XML due to UI editor bug?

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I think I've encountered the bug related to (identical to?) the one that prevents folks from modifying their cpu selections via the GUI VM editor.  The only difference in my case is that no cpu options are clickable regardless of what I click first (whereas other folks have mentioned that selecting e.g. cpu 8 first allowed them to select more).  Hopefully this'll be addressed in the next RC, but I was wondering, in the interim, how does one go about "adding" CPUs by editing the XML manually?  I've tried searching the forum and tried some googling, but haven't come across any consistent methods or explanations and as this is my first Unraid VM ever, i really don't know what I'm doing, lol!...


In short, I guess conceptually, I'm trying to create 1 virtual CPU w/4 cores (I have 12 un-selectable ones :) to me in the UI; 2 real cpus w/6 cores) or whatever the allowable equivalent is...


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This is a bug in rc7a, and resolved in the next release. You need a little patience though (but not very long).


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thanks @bonienl!


I guess I was saying that I understood that it should be resolved in the next release, but was wondering if there was a way to manually add the CPU selections when editing the XML directly since I didn't know when the next release would drop.


that being said, I guess i can wait if it won't be very long :).


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