Server-wide slow performance with another task running


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Hi there, I'm still setting up my unRAID server. It's a E3-1245v3 w/32GB of ram. I'm currently running the following dockers:









When I started to bring a bit of my data over to the new server, I plugged in a drive from my current server and did a copy of the data to the new array via Krusader. During the copy, pretty much everything else on the server was running slow or hanging. 


Now that I have completed that transfer everything is up and moving, but I am experiencing similar issues when I run other tasks. For example, when I add 1-3 new items in Radarr/Sonarr and it activates Sabnzb, the rest of the system is slow. I tried launching other dockers and they were very slow and unresponsive. 


This is concerning because I still need to get my Windows VM up and running with my BlueIris security came software. I need this server to do all these things.


My current server is just a windows 10 box running everything my new unRAID server is running, but it's doing it all flawlessly with a slower E3-1225v3 chip and less ram. What am I doing wrong?


Happy to give more info where needed. I have attached my diagnostics files to this post. Thanks

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