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I'm not sure what the correct forum should be for the following questions, but if I have erred in posting this here, please tell me which forum I should use.  This is not an unRAID problem (or at least I don't think it is), but I am using Plex with unRAID, so that's why I'm reaching out to the unRAID community.


I am having problems with Plex and as near as I can tell, they have no tech support -- or at least I've not found a way to get them to answer my questions.  Specifically, I can't get Plex to play videos shot in portrait mode correctly.  They are always either rotated and/or the aspect ratio is completely fubar.  On my Android phone, I got around this by displaying my videos with VLC rather than the Plex internal viewer.  I just bought a Smart TV for the express purpose of watching these videos, but once again, the videos are all either rotated or otherwise completely messed up.


I know that there are alternatives to Plex, such as Emby, but Emby isn't supported on my TV (and I don't know if it would work any better anyway).  I'm wondering what my other alternatives might be.  Perhaps with a Roku connected to the TV, I might have better luck with that version of the Plex app, or I might be able to use Emby with the Roku?


Has anybody experienced and overcome problems like I'm describing?


Edit: Oh, one more thing I haven't tried.  I know that I can boot unRAID into the GUI.  Is this GUI as full-featured as connecting with a browser?  Specifically, would I be able to launch the Plex WebGUI from the console GUI?  In a few days I'll have a new video card with HDMI output (which I can then connect to my new TV) and I'll be able to answer that question for myself, but if anybody can answer me before then, please do.

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