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  1. Thank you, Squid. I don't understand why, but the reboot fixed the problem.
  2. I'm unable to update from 6.8.3 to 6.9.2 via the GUI. I consistently get What's the problem here, and how can I fix it? I'm not sure if this is the proper forum or thread; kindly direct me if I should post this elsewhere.
  3. What a great idea! That worked perfectly, so I thank you for the advice. I still don't understand why 'DESKTOP-AR3CLUV' stops working, but as long as I have this workaround, that's all I need.
  4. I have created a Windows 10 VM on my unraid server. It all seems to be working satisfactorily, with one exception: When I first boot the VM, I have no trouble connecting to in from a Windows 10 host on my network. However, once my host goes to sleep/hibernate or once it restarts, I can no longer connect to the VM. The error message is I can still connect to the VM with VNC, so I know that it is still running. But the only way I have found to reconnect with RDP is to restart the VM. I am hoping that somebody out there can help me figure out how to get RDP to reliably connect
  5. Thanks, Squid -- checking that out now.
  6. I have a share named "Private". It's set to "Export: Yes (hidden)" with "Security: Private". I have set up a user with Read/Write access to this share. When I try to mount the share in Windows I always get "\\Tower\Private is not accessible..." after providing my user name and password. If I change the Security from "Private" to "Secure" I can then mount the share, but that's not what I need; I need the full Read/Write access. Just for fun, I created a new user account and gave that user full access to the share, but Windows is no happier with that user than the original user. I have no
  7. Thanks, Ashman. I've been to the Plex forums. I've posted in three different threads (two as follow-ups and one starting a new thread). I see other people having this problem, but I've not seen any response from Plex.
  8. I'm not sure what the correct forum should be for the following questions, but if I have erred in posting this here, please tell me which forum I should use. This is not an unRAID problem (or at least I don't think it is), but I am using Plex with unRAID, so that's why I'm reaching out to the unRAID community. I am having problems with Plex and as near as I can tell, they have no tech support -- or at least I've not found a way to get them to answer my questions. Specifically, I can't get Plex to play videos shot in portrait mode correctly. They are always either rotated and/or
  9. A follow-up question about the parity disk, if I may: The parity disk has to be at least as large as the largest non-parity disk. If I were to buy, just as a for instance, one or two 2TB drives, my 4TB drive would have to become the parity disk. How hard would it be to migrate the data to the 2TB drive(s)? Until I have some real-life data, I have no clue have quickly I will be filling up a disk, so it's hard to know if I would try to save money by buying smaller disks or if I would quickly realize that I need to just keep adding on additional 4TB disks.
  10. Thank you tdallen and TinkerToyTech for your prompt, helpful, replies!
  11. I've only learned about unRaid this past weekend, and I've been trying to read up and figure out if this will do everything I want. I have just a couple of requirements, but a somewhat longer list of "it would be nice if..." My primary requirement is a platform for backing up Windows 10 PCs. I'm pretty certain that unRaid will handle this flawlessly, although I'm not sure if there if I would need to purchase 3rd party s/w to do this or if Windows has the necessary tools. Ideally I would want support for both full and incremental backups, I guess (I honestly haven't completely thought