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CPU and clocks


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Im about to build a new server with unRaid, but still chosing the CPU, most likely will be a Pentium G4220 (already owned) and my use for unraid is a pure storage server, atm not planning to do anything else beside that, but im wondering how does unraid work with CPUs, specially if it allows the CPUs to downclock them selves like windows? for example on skylake cpus on balance mode the cpus downclock to 800mhz where there is no load, but not sure how unraids works, if it allows this or not.  

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Yes, unRAID is actually better at keeping the CPU at a low speed as there's less stuff running in the background as you get in Windows.


For pure storage, the 4220 is plenty, and probably will only go to full speed when writing to the array.


Thanks for the reply.  I found a E3 1240 V5 for $150 and went with it just in case down the road i decide to do something else.  And its nice to know that with unRaid the cpu will downclock when not used.

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