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  1. Just wondering why not use BIOS fan control ?
  2. Seems BHPhoto matched the offering, WD 10TB Elements Desktop USB 3.0 External Hard Drive
  3. I bought both 8tb and 10tb about two months ago in another sale, and i can confirm these have the 3.3V reset issue, and you will need to do the following, How to Fix the 3.3V Pin Issue in White Label Disks Shucked from Western Digital 8TB Easystore Drives
  4. I agree, but sadly it sold out.
  5. In case anyone is into shucking drives, there are some good deals on BHPhoto, only 2 allowed on each at the discounted price, WD 10TB My Book Desktop USB 3.0 External Hard Drive $146 WD 8TB My Book Desktop USB 3.0 External Hard Drive $127
  6. Thanks for feedback. I just took out a Samsung 850Pro 1tb from my main setup for 970Pro 1tb, its very likely that ill use it for the write cache on unraid, i didn't want to go this route because of 1tb limitation, but it shouldn't diminish the write speed even on larger files, at least to keep maxing the gigbit lan transfer rates. Thanks again for the reply.
  7. Hi, I'm doing a new build soon, and atm chosing the write drive for a write cache (not interest atm on a read cache), usually i transfer above 1tb a month (most of the time in one day), trying to avoid the low write speeds of unRaid, so its very likely ill be adding an ssd as a write cache, but very tempted on Intel 2TB 660P NVMe M.2 Internal SSD 2TB as its going for $220, although im worried about two things, 1) Its transfer speeds outside the SLC cache, i was watching How SSD Technology Keeps Getting WORSE! - Intel 660p Review and drops to 93mb/s after the cache is used, thessdreview Intel SSD 660P M.2 NVMe SSD Review (1TB) drops to 100MB/s, but yet to see on 2tb version. 2) Its endurance being QLC, but the 2tb has 400TBW rating, thats much more than my unRaid server will ever receive, im guessing maybe around 200tb thinking on expanding on the next 5 years. Still i would like your opinion into if you guys think its a good option or should i go with something else.
  8. Hi, I'm about to make a unRaid server, chosing components atm, eyeballing the Intel Xeon E-2146G + SUPERMICRO MBD-X11SCA-F-O, but wondering if you guys know or recommend c246 to work fine with unRAID 6.6.7? or do you guys recommend to go with older hardware?
  9. Its be lowered to WD 10TB Elements Desktop USB 3.0 External Hard Drive $159.99
  10. In case someone is interested, BHPhoto has the WD 10TB My Book Desktop USB 3.0 External Hard Drive on the deal zone, going for $179.99 for 13 more hours (no taxes to most states), i only could order 2, i feel its a fair price for 10tb.
  11. I have been buying a lot of the 8TB my books, around 25 on different dates, the initial batches came with reds, then whites that worked fine with Sata power, performance wise identical to the reds, around sept 2017 all that have come have the 3.3v issue, to me doing the tape was not that easy, so i simply changed from sata power to molex power from the PSU, then use sata power adapters (not plastic infused but stapled) and finally the Silverstone 4-in-1 SATA Power CP06-E4 and been running fine.
  12. Hi, I have had the worst time with Windows 10 1803 trying to access local network computers, mostly a Windows 7 and WHS2011 computers, not sure whats happening with windows, but i been trying tons of things and no luck. I was building a unRaid server as secondary, but now its very likely going to be my primary server, but i come to you with some questions. Whats the preferred network protocol for unRaid? SMB or NFS? i have read that the network protcol is ideally chosen between the network and os that will be ran. I'm just trying to see how will it work out with my local network with 4x w10 pc, 3x w7 pcs, a WHS2011 (might be fase out if unraid works out). My usage is mostly for storage purposes of mkv files, im not going to do any virtualization, maybe in time, but as it stands right now im more worried about having a server up and being able to move files from any computer to the storage server. Thanks,
  13. Thanks for the reply. I found a E3 1240 V5 for $150 and went with it just in case down the road i decide to do something else. And its nice to know that with unRaid the cpu will downclock when not used.
  14. Hi, Im about to build a new server with unRaid, but still chosing the CPU, most likely will be a Pentium G4220 (already owned) and my use for unraid is a pure storage server, atm not planning to do anything else beside that, but im wondering how does unraid work with CPUs, specially if it allows the CPUs to downclock them selves like windows? for example on skylake cpus on balance mode the cpus downclock to 800mhz where there is no load, but not sure how unraids works, if it allows this or not.
  15. Thanks for all the replies and feedback. I'm going to go with ECC memory and thus a new mobo, already chosen the memory that its compatible with both boards im considering, Kingston ValueRAM KVR21E15D8/16 DDR4-2133 16GB/2Gx72 ECC CL15 Server Memory. I have done build with Supermicro in the past, and while i don't have much against them, i do want to try something else, i personally don't like Supermicro bios fancontrol, it had issues with certain fans not reading correctly the PWM and having like a breathing effect on the fans. I was a very Asus oriented person for a long time, but upon my last two desktop builds they have been MSI and AsRock, and both have better bios fan control than Asus, and for sure than Supermicro. I was set on AsRock until i recently saw a cheaper MSI that caught my attention, MSI C236A Workstation ASRock Rack C236 WS Do you see any reason to go with AsRock over the MSI board?