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  1. Well, Im in the process of removing 4 3gb drives that now have reached EOL with over 7 years of operation. I'm replacing them with 2 10gb drives instead and really would like this built in even if it would take a long time. Doing it manually is just such a pain
  2. +1 , would be great to be able to have Unraid handle the removal of a drive, that is shrink the array. unBalance is a great tool but it does not handle the fact that unRaid can still write to the disk during the process. If Unraid handled the process it could be a one click solution where the system: -Ensures writes are not done to the disk -Moves all data to other disks -New config -notification when drive is removed from the array
  3. Just want to chime in. As a user since 2012(not that long) Unraid has really had a long path of development and features added to it. I’m really grateful to all developers that create plugins and dockers and I can understand the amount of time it takes to create and test. I would wish everyone to get along and continue the saga. I how ever in this instance have to side with Limetech due to the fact that I too have a concern for unofficial builds(virus, bugs). Also the solution that Limetech uses has nothing to do with what 3rd party devs have done. It should be apparent to everybody that
  4. Here is the callstack from my setup, note that this only happens with one of the ports. I have not changed any other settings other than what port br0 is using. Nov 6 10:14:04 Tower kernel: WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 13593 at net/netfilter/nf_conntrack_core.c:945 __nf_conntrack_confirm+0xa0/0x69e Nov 6 10:14:04 Tower kernel: Modules linked in: xt_nat macvlan iptable_filter xfs dm_crypt dm_mod dax md_mod i915 i2c_algo_bit iosf_mbi drm_kms_helper drm intel_gtt agpgart syscopyarea sysfillrect sysimgblt fb_sys_fops nct6775 hwmon_vid iptable_nat ipt_MASQUERADE nf_nat_ipv4 nf_nat ip_tables
  5. I've run into this issue after adding a Mellanox x-2 10gbe card. I've never seen this issue with the built in Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection (7) I219-LM (rev 10). Adding the mellanox card, Mellanox Technologies MT26448 [ConnectX EN 10GigE, PCIe 2.0 5GT/s] (rev b0) to the bridge and unplugging the Intel card will after a while result in kernel panics. I have 2 VLANs and split dockers between vlans and the untagged lan. From the panics I've had cache pools issues where the cachepool gets issues with writes and corrupts the pool, this results in a freeze where no output to screen and loss
  6. Started using this container yesterday, so far its working great
  7. upgraded from 6.8-rc7 without any issue. Great work guys!
  8. From other threads I've concluded that the M1015 might not work at all in a 4x slot, this could be dependent on the firmware on the M1015 card. I have not tried it myself since I've opted for a 8x connection for the cards.
  9. I want to control my fans from the HDD temp and not the system temp
  10. The server is still running strong, no issues at all!
  11. Nope, I keep all my drives spinning all the time
  12. Upgrading my 2011 system I wanted to move to iGPU encode and decode for Plex. Also I wanted to get the latest chipset / cpu that’s for servers but not really a need for a Xeon cpu. Choice fell to the c246 chipset and that narrowed the boards down to Supermicro X11SCZ-F or the Asus WS C246 PRO. I really wanted a IPMI board since the board I’m replacing has IPMI. Reading about issues with IPMI and iGPU at the same time I dropped that requirement. Speaking for the Asus board seemed to be the ability to use more lanes to the PCI slots by turning off 4 SATA ports and not having the SM f
  13. Sounds bad with the ipmi issue. When you run igpu and no ipmi do you have issues with fan control?