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  1. Hi there, I’ve had to replace the storage controller on my Supermicro Server due to a faulty card which meant all of my drives went offline. The system still boots and my cache drives are still seen but my drives are showing as not connected. I installed the new controller card but it turns out my backplane cables are no longer the correct length and I need to think of a solution. I was able to plug in one of the Backplane cables into the controller and the 4 of the 8 drives were seen which I hope is a good thing. However... will Unraid be able to work out what each drive
  2. Hey! Today is a very (first world) sad day for me. My Supermicro AOC-USAS2-L8e appears to have gone pop. First I received an email saying my Unfi Controller had gone offline which I didn't think anything of, then I noticed my shares had gone offline. I went to the Unraid Dashboard and all my drives were showing as disabled or disconnected and only the Cache drives (which don't go through the raid controller) were present. Gutted. I removed the card and can see clear as day one of the resistors has gone pop. (can you spot it) I have a f
  3. I have been having a problem for many weeks now and its taken a very long time to figure out whats going on. I've found that Docker containers that have been assigned to specific VLANS and have static IP addresses assigned to them cause kernel panics. The configuration will work for a few hours but overtime the system becomes unresponsive and eventually the entire server hangs requiring a hard power down. Currently I have only tried this with Plex and Lets Encrypt after setting up a reverse proxy. You can see my Plex configuration attached. Plex is assigned to VLAN10 with a custom
  4. Hi People I'm having some difficulties with my server at the moment, currently with the GUI. When I go to the Unraid IP address I'm getting a 500 error. I have SSH into the server and pulled of the latest diagnostic info, see attached. There is something in there related to the server 500 errors but I can't see how this might have happened. I have seen things regarding VLANS and stuff, but personally I can't see how this might happen. Can I also advise that although I can't access the GUI without a restart, the server remains operable, I can access my shares, plex serv
  5. Now I've changed nothing else apart from switching off AFP on the server, I was using this for TimeMachine but I understand its been superseeded now so that's fine. Since switching off AFP, the restarts appear to have completely stopped. Uptime on the server is currently 1 day, 13 hours, 14 minutes. I will leave it a couple more days, check back, then close the thread. Any idea why this might have been?
  6. Looking at my CCTV feeds the shutdown occurred around 23:43 on 13/07/2020, the last entries before that time: 2020-07-13T22:56:12+01:00 Rex webGUI: Successful login user root from (I LOG IN TO SEE IF IT HAD RESTARTED AFTER I RETURN FROM WORK) 2020-07-13T23:19:19+01:00 Rex afpd[13342]: transmit: Request to dbd daemon (volume Apple Time Capsule) timed out. 2020-07-13T23:19:19+01:00 Rex afpd[13342]: afp_openvol(/mnt/user/Apple Time Capsule): Fatal error: Unable to get stamp value from CNID backend 2020-07-13T23:19:19+01:00 Rex afpd[13342]: dsi_stream_read: len:0, u
  7. OK. I managed to get all the logs to dump into one file rather than on a per application basis 😀 I've managed to capture a reboot of the server and all the logs pre and post restart. I've attached the log file. Rex.log
  8. Ok sorted. I setup remote logging to another machine and it appears to be working. It's created a directory with multiple log files inside it, each one referring to a different part of Unraid. So i'll leave it until it happens again, then check back in!
  9. Hi People! Relatively new to Unraid, I moved from FreeNAS a few months ago, it's true that you get what you pay for as I'm loving it! I have however one problem thats only recently started, lets say a week or so. Short and simple, my server appears to be randomly restarting and looking through the logs there are various things highlighted but I'm no expert and thought one of you might be able to see whats going on. The servers fans are set to high performance and IPMS is reading good temperatures. Any further questions please don't hesitate to