Enable VT-d in BIOS - Intel DX79TO

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I'm running a E5-2670v1 on an Intel DX79TO motherboard with the latest BIOS version (0650). 

I cannot find how to enable VT-d in the BIOS. I did find and enabled VT but VT-d (IOMMU) is still showing as 'Disabled' in unRAID info tab.

Both the CPU and motherboard support VT-d as per Intel website.


If anyone has any idea about this that would be awesome! :)



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I'm pretty sure I identified the issue based on my research.


My CPU is the E5-2670v1 SROH8 (C1 stepping). From the info I found, there was a bug with VT-d on that CPU that made it unusable. That was only fixed on the SR0KX version (C2 stepping).


Issue is with the CPU not the motherboard or BIOS.

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Just now, CHBMB said:

Yeah, you need to do your research pretty thoroughly before buying an engineering sample, although some definite bargains to be had if you do so.


At least you've identified the problem, any plans to change CPU?


It is not an engineering sample (their S-Spec starts with a QB on this CPU). It is just the first stepping version (S-Spec: SROH8) of the CPU released by Intel and although they knew there was an issue with VT-d, they only applied the fix on the second stepping version (S-Spec: SR0KX).


I'm going to try to find the second stepping of this same CPU or for either the 2670v2, 2680 or 2690 depending on the price I can find one at. Then I'll sell my current CPU.

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