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  1. Yeah I realized this after I deleted them. There wasn't that many anyway. But I'll keep your suggestion in mind for next time. To your first question, I wonder if this happens when sub-folders of a Share are created through cli or using a UI like Krusader.
  2. so my media share is set to No for 'Use Cache Pool' but I still see 151Gb of files on the cache. Deleted it and now back to normal. Thanks for the help!
  3. There you go. Thank you!
  4. Which files from the diags would help? All of them?
  5. So this has probably been answered many times but I cannot find anything that would make sense to my issue. Last week, I've upgraded from 6.8.(don't remember) to 6.9.2. Right away after the update, my single cache drive of 500gb was almost full (64gb available). I didn't modified any settings on the shares regarding cache use. Does 6.9.X modifies anything that could cause this? If anyone has any idea what is happening here, I would really appreciate it. Happy to share any log/config required. Thanks community!
  6. Confirmed this fixed the UI access issue.
  7. Log in to Unraid from another device and start the VM...or enable auto-start on the VM so it will start as soon as your array starts (also enable auto-start on the array though)
  8. DDR4 memory is not compatible with your CPU/Motherboard. You'll need to go with DDR3.
  9. I was referring to the fact that I didn't do the Windows update since it is not activated. I'll check the video from SpaceInvader definitely. Thanks
  10. Using Unraid 6.3.5 Getting code 28 in device manager. Wondering if it's not because my Windows is not up to date since I didn't activate it yet... Here are the 2 events showing up once the driver installation fails: Driver Management has concluded the process to add Service nvlddmkm for Device Instance ID PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1401&SUBSYS_29663842&REV_A1\3&13C0B0C5&0&28 with the following status: 0. Driver Management concluded the process to install driver nv_dispi.inf_amd64_5601d21ccd639df9\nv_dispi.inf for Device Instance ID PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1401&SUBSYS_29663842&REV_A1\3&13C0B0C5&0&28 with the following status: 0x0.
  11. I'm running a Windows 10 Pro (not activated yet) VM with a GTX960 passed-through. The card is recognized by Windows and I was able to play a game without problem. I did try to install the latest NVIDIA drivers using the NVIDIA installer and by updating the driver in system devices but both are unable to install it and said installation failed. I attached a screenshot of it. I can't figure out what is causing the install to fail. Any thoughts? Thanks
  12. It is not an engineering sample (their S-Spec starts with a QB on this CPU). It is just the first stepping version (S-Spec: SROH8) of the CPU released by Intel and although they knew there was an issue with VT-d, they only applied the fix on the second stepping version (S-Spec: SR0KX). I'm going to try to find the second stepping of this same CPU or for either the 2670v2, 2680 or 2690 depending on the price I can find one at. Then I'll sell my current CPU.
  13. I'm pretty sure I identified the issue based on my research. My CPU is the E5-2670v1 SROH8 (C1 stepping). From the info I found, there was a bug with VT-d on that CPU that made it unusable. That was only fixed on the SR0KX version (C2 stepping). Issue is with the CPU not the motherboard or BIOS.
  14. I'm running a E5-2670v1 on an Intel DX79TO motherboard with the latest BIOS version (0650). I cannot find how to enable VT-d in the BIOS. I did find and enabled VT but VT-d (IOMMU) is still showing as 'Disabled' in unRAID info tab. Both the CPU and motherboard support VT-d as per Intel website. If anyone has any idea about this that would be awesome! Thanks
  15. Trying with Microsoft RDP 8.0.43 for OSX and so far it works fine. Will keep it as is for a few days see if I encounter any issue otherwise that post will be resolved. Thanks!