Suggestions for case similar to Acer easyStore H340?


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I spent some time in the last few days researching unRAID (got great help from some of the members here!) and I'm sold on the fact that unRAID is a better solution than WHS for my needs, which are mainly ripping my 800+ DVD collection and accessing it from my HTPC.


So I'm ready to proceed with the build but I cannot find a decent looking, small case which can host 4-5 HDDs, possibly with hot-swap bays; unfortunately the server will have to sit in a corner of the living room, no spare rooms I'm afraid,  hence these requirements. Something similar to the Acer easyStore H340 (7.9" (200mm) W x 7.1" (180mm) D x 8.3" (212mm) H) would be perfect. The closest I got are the Lion Li cases but they are quite expensive and not as small, or cannot fit 4-5 HDDs.


Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I'd say the budget for the case is up to about £150 ($220, although it would need to be available in the UK where I live). That is assuming that the remaining bits (CPU, mobo, RAM and PSU) won't bring the total above £300-350.


The hot-swappable, while highly preferred, isn't an absolute must.

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