Can I pause parity rebuild?

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A "PAUSE" would be nice to add, I am rebuilding and on the same boat.  Drive is at 40 deg C and that's at 75 deg ambient.  I want to be able to turn off A/C and when drives get a certain temp I would like to pause and sleep drives so I can resume later when they cool down.  If I turn of A/C the drives rise to 45 deg C and that's not a good temp...

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45C, IMO, is acceptable as a hottest temperature. I prefer 42C or 43C. 46C I start to look at adding more cooling. 45C is just under my limit.


As I think was said,  40C is perfectly fine. 


I'd be careful looking at the specs.  Some will indicate that temps of 60C+ are acceptable.  Although a high temp may work out fine if the drive is maintained at that temp, for an unraid server where the drive temps are often very low when the drive is spun down, and are therefore bouncing between 25C and 60C frequently, the thermal cycles are going to cause lower life.


If you are doing a lengthy operation and drive temps are going above your liking, you may be able to blow a fan on the server's air intake.  Even better, open the case and blow a strong fan inside.  Works quite well in a pinch. 

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