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Memory Scrubbing Error

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Logs attached.  I noticed I had a drive going bad/getting old.  Not sure if this could be related.  Really appreciate any advice.  I removed the drive and am running unprotected right now.  I believe memory errors pop up around 18:00:00 ish.



Also worth mentioning.  I have a friend with the exact same build for his machine.  We both use LSI 9210-8i controllers with HP 487738-001 HP 24 Bay SAS expanders.  He had a similar event happen and it snowballed on him and he ended up removing the card thinking it was causing the issues (I've been running the card for over a week with no issues, FWIW).  We bought the cards as a lot of 2 used on ebay.   


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Have you run a test on your RAM? I'd reboot and choose MemTest from the boot menu and let it run for a good long time, say 48 hours.

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OK, I will do some mem testing when I get the chance.  Any opinion on the theory that the sas expander is causing some sort of issue with the machine?  Has anyone ever heard of that?

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