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So during a regular cleaning I managed to disconnect one of my ssd's and didn't notice it for a couple hours after the array started. After rebooting with the ssd connected It shows the same cache pool as before but I noticed that one ssd shows 45 reads and 0 writes compared to 100k+ on other ssd. I am worrying that the mirroring of the ssd's is not working for some reason. Can I do anything to check that its is still mirroring the ssd's?

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Cache2 is no longer part of the pool, you need to clear and re-add it:


-backup your cache first

-wipe cache2 (if you rebooted since check identifier is still the same):

blkdiscard /dev/sdh

-re-start array and it should be added to the pool


Also upgrade to latest unRAID, there are several pool functionality improvements.

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