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Overview: Template for the official Chronograf docker maintained by InfluxData (the guys that run InfluxDB)

The original Admin frontend in InfluxDB does not exist anymore, it got replaced by Chronograf


Chronograf is the Complete Interface for the InfluxData Platform


Application: Chronograf  https://www.influxdata.com/time-series-platform/chronograf/

Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/_/chronograf/


Repository: https://github.com/Data-Monkey/docker-templates

Template: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Data-Monkey/docker-templates/master/Data-Monkey/chronograf.xml


This is just a template to easily install the official Chronograf docker on unRAID. I was looking for the admin frontend to my InfluxDB and needed Chronograf.

Hopefully, this will help someone else to get started...



install this container:

This template is now available in CA, just install the Community Applications plugin, search for Chronograf and add it.


connect to InfluxDB

Once the docker is installed, head to the web-UI [Tower-IP]:[8888].

The first thing it is asking for is the URL to the Influx DB. In my case, it was default [Tower-IP]:[8086] followed by username/pasword. 

And that was it...





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