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Multiple Power Outages - Two Drives Dead?

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Earlier today the power went out at my house for a few seconds which of course shut down my server as I have yet to get a UPS for it. This is at least the 3rd time there has been a power event in the past 1.5 weeks or so and the previous times the server has recovered fine and gone through parity check with no errors. Today however,  parity check found errors on and disabled two different drives.

I have uploaded the latest diags and attached an image of the error notifications I received. Neither of the two affected drives held any data so data integrity is not a concern. I'm just trying to figure out if these drives are dead or not which I'm not really sure how to do with certainty so I would appreciate any advice.






Unraid Errors 5.15.18.png


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Both disks 8 and 9 are missing, i.e. not detected, you'll need to power down and check connections, then post new diags if/when they are detected.

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Thanks for the advice. I did check connections and both SATA power connectors for disks 8 and 9 had become unplugged. Not just loose, either... totally unplugged. No idea how this could have happened. My server has never moved an inch. Vibration maybe?


The drives are detected now but I'm going to wait until I install a UPS before doing another parity check. If there are still errors on these drives I'll make another post.

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