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All but 2 dockers have disappeared!


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I have (had) 9 dockers installed.


I navigated to Settings(tab) -> Docker -> Enable docker, and set it to 'No'.


Then after a few minutes, I set it to Yes, to enable docker again.


Looking at the Dockers tab, I now have only 2 dockers there. (!!!!) Duckdns and cadvisor.


Please help me restore the missing dockers!


I have Docker Auto-start Manager plugin installed, and it is showing all 9 dockers that I have (had!) installed. Ive not configured this plugin, all dockers are managed by unRAID.


I have no idea what to do to get my containers back. :(



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So a quick update, I deleted the docker img file, and restarted docker.


I then went to CA -> Previous Apps, so that I could reinstall them. These forums say that you can install them without having the re-edit the templates, but when i click the install button, the template is back to its default settings!


I'm 11 days into my trial licence and I've lost all the configuration that I spend those 11 days setting up. Please help!


Is it possible to setup an off-site backup so when this happens again, i can restore it all?



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