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Server data replication


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I've asked this question in the past but it's been about 1-2 years since I setup my unRAID server replication and I'm wondering if there is a better way.  Right now, I'm using SyncBack on a Windows client to replicate the data between my two unRAID servers via SMB shares.  Are there any new plugins/containers that can do this natively?  I've tested SyncThing and BT Sync in the past but they didn't seem to up snuff.  I transfer around 100GB a day on average per day between servers so performance is somewhat of a concern.

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Just now, johnnie.black said:

I've always used rsync.


I've tried this but rsync is so incredibly slow from my testing, at least compared to straight SMB transfers (especially with smaller files).  Could be my specific setup as I'm doing the syncing over a VPN so the latency is much higher than a local transfer.  However, with my current setup I get 400-500Mbps during the syncing of my servers across the VPN.  With rsync I wasn't even getting half that.

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