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Appdata share suddenly empty, but files still on cache drive


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This is my first post to the forum.  I've been using Unraid for six months now without any issues, but yesterday I encountered my first and it's pretty weird to me.


In my setup I have a 500 GB SSD as my cache drive, and have my appdata share set to "prefer" the cache drive.  I browsed to my appdata share through Windows, as I wanted to look at something in my Plex logs.  Strangely the share shows as empty.  No files, no folders.  If I go through the "cache" share directly, the appdata folder is there with all its contents.  This explains why my dockers were all running fine.  Inside the Unraid web UI, if I go to the shares tab and click on the folder next to the appdata share, it shows that it's empty there too.


I randomly decided to browse back to the appdata share through Windows and try to create a new folder.  I received an error from Windows saying the folder was no longer located there, or something close to that.  However if I go into the cache/appdata folder, I can see the "new folder" that it created.  If I go back and try to create another folder, I get the error once again, but do see the "new folder(01)", "new folder(02)", etc.


I'm left scratching my head on this one.  I dug around on the forums, Reddit, and Google in general and can't find anyone documenting this same behavior.


Your help is greatly appreciated!

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I actually just got finished formatting the cache drive, restoring the data (using the community plugin) and then re-adding my docker containers.  So far, everything seems to be working great and the appdata share is working as expected.

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