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Out Of Memory errors detected on your server


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OK, I am not Guru but I did have a look at your diagnostics file.  I would suggest that you look at the libvirt.txt file in the logs directory.  Then look at the SMART report for Disk1 in the smart folder.  Note that there are four 'Current_Pending_Sectors.  Not a good sign...


How much memory do you have installed in this server?  It looks like unRAID has only about 3GB for itself. Not really much memory for a system by a lot of Dockers installed (as I observer by noting that several of them needed updating). 

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Thanks for your help.


Are you suggesting to replace disk 1? I ran a SMART test, which completed without errors. But seems you have some better insights from the log?


I have 32GB dedicated to this server and only up to 12GB in a VM, so this should leave 20GB for Unraid (incl. 5 running dockers).

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