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Sound card passthough


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I have been trying to passthough my sound card for some time now, and have tried some different things now. But first something about my MB and the card: 

I'm rocking a AsRock EP2C602 MB, and have a StarTech.com 5.1 Channel PCI Surround Sound Card Adapter - have tried to isolate the card with the: vfio-pci.ids=13f6:0111 command, with no luck (If I don't try to isolate it, it will not even show up as a device option under my VM editing) - I have the soundcard mounted in the "white" slot on my MB (look at the link), as it's the only one free and the only slot where the PCIe notch is the otherway. But when I try to start a VM after isolating the soundcard I get this error.


Is it because the card is in a IOMMU group with a PCI bridge or?


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No one knows what I can do? 
Have tried the acs path override and some of these functions also: 




pcie_acs_override=downstream and with the downstream,multifunction also 


I'm totally out of ideas at this point.

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