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  1. Hello, when I turned on my server this morning nothing seemed wrong at first. But when I went in to check the unraid web interface it had a red X by the parity disk. And says it's disabled. Have read some other threads, saying that their device might be offline since. They could not perform any SMART tests. But mine seems to do it just fine. So I decided to run a parity check. And it just passed without any errors. But still reports as disabled. What should I do about it? Best regards, Brydezen tower-diagnostics-20200409-1950.zip
  2. What about downgrading maybe? Don't like the idea of running the newest release candidate. It's just weird that it all of a sudden happens out of nowhere. But two CPU's in the log CPU 11 & 8 are all pinned to my windows 10 VM I use as my daily driver. Could it maybe be the VM that is causing the kernel bug or maybe a plugin? I seems to happen more and more frequently now. Just had another one this morning. Have not logged at the log yet. As I'm currently out of the house now. But thanks for the response. And again, are you sure that it can not be caused by a plugin or my VM? Will try and switch up the CPU pinning for it. Best regards!
  3. Hi @John_M I did as you said and "just" catched a bug in the syslog from when my server crashed. it's at 19:48 - my VM was stuck at that time down in the corner. And the log says: BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 0000000000000030 at line number 5 BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 000000000000066c at line number 43 I have my newest diagnostics file and my syslog from the flash drive. As the syslog in the diagnostics zip is not reflecting the "bug" tower-diagnostics-20191109-2016.zip syslog
  4. BUMP. I'm still having this issue I have no clue what to do. How can I do a clean install of the unraid server and still keep my parity drive and array in sync? This seems to be the only thing I have not tried now.
  5. I have recently ran into a weird issue I can't explain or fix. All of a sudden my server just randomly freeze up for good. Can't move the mouse use the keyboard, the web interface for unraid is also unresponsive and even when I hit the power button nothing happens. I have to press and hold the power button for a hard shutdown and then power it up in order to use the server or any VM's again. And I got no clue why this problem just apperead out of nowhere. I have not changed any settings recently. I have uploaded my diagnostics file in hope that someone can spot the problem tower-diagnostics-20191025-1252.zip
  6. I only have one user named lol and the password is also lol. Does it only work if the username is admin? EDIT: I just tried doing the auth in a new browser (firefox) and it worked flawlessly. But chrome seems to mess me up.
  7. - the error log says password mismatch and that is no way I typed "lol" wrong four times. And it also keeps saying that "admin" was not found. 2019/10/10 19:00:46 [notice] 1022#1022: signal process started 2019/10/10 19:01:00 [notice] 1031#1031: signal process started 2019/10/10 19:01:02 [error] 1032#1032: *115 user "admin" was not found in "/data/access/2", client: 176.XXX.XXX.X, server: portainer.domain.tld, request: "GET / HTTP/2.0", host: "portainer.domain.tld", referrer: "https://proxy.domain.tld/nginx/proxy"
  8. anyone know how or if this awesome docker support htaccess password protection?
  9. I may think that I love you man. No kidding. First tried to mount the disk just the mount command. But didn't do me much. But the btrfs restore seems to be the god saving line. Seems like all the important files I almost cried over losing is restoring just fine to a disk mount 😮 When it's done I'm starting a rclone sync asap! This shall not happen again
  10. Right at this time. It's throwing a ton of these errors. But they are from the /appdata/ folder - some of then does copy over but some reports the input/output error. But here is a freshly downloaded diagnostics while it's bombing my terminal with errors tower-diagnostics-20190215-1815.zip
  11. Hi @johnnie.black! I have started a copy of the data of the ssd cache disk. And most of the files seems to copy just fine. But some of my kinda important files (I had not yet synced to a cloud, sadly) can't seem to copy I just get a input/output error. Can't use the `cat` `nano` or anything on the files. Please don't tell me they are totallt lost? the files still reports sizes. I just can't seem to copy, move or open then Is their some special tool I can use and try to save the files? Best regards, Brydezen
  12. Will do that when I come home again on friday. Hope it will work without to much hassle (fingers crossed) - and thanks for the quick response!
  13. Hello unraid gurus, I think my house was hit by a power outage, and I don't have a UPS, yet, sadly. But anyways I came home and everything seemed fine. Except I can't or get showed any dockers I have installed and can't power on any VM's. I have my diagnostics and some screenshots linked here. I'm not totally sure, but it seems to be my SSD that is something wrong with. - It for some reason have just recently passed a parity check, and my normal disks seems just fine. I can browse all the files on it I just don't know if I can open any of them, as I didn't have my laptop with me when I can home for a short period. Hope someone can help me out Best regards! tower-diagnostics-20190212-1401.zip
  14. Hello guys, I have been trying to install a windows 10 VM on my remote hetzner server, as I just want a desktop in the cloud I can access if I need it for something. But most of the time it will probably just be idle. And that don't bother me much. Has a EX64-NVMe from hetzner with a i7-8700. The one thing that is bothering me big time. Is that i for some weird reason can't get rdp to work! I don't really need rdp access from outside the box, but I host a docker instance of guacamole, and have been trying to add it their. But no matter what I try, I can't seem to connect to it. Using VNC in guacamole works just fine tho. anyways here are the virt-install command I run in order to install windows 10 on my server: virt-install --connect qemu:///system -n TestVMBox -r 4096 --cpu host --vcpus=4 \ --disk path=/home/brydezen/Windows/windows10.qcow2,size=30,bus=virtio \ --disk /home/brydezen/Windows/Win10_LTSB_2016_x64_EN.iso,device=cdrom,bus=ide \ --disk /home/brydezen/Windows/virtio-win.iso,device=cdrom,bus=ide \ --os-type windows --os-variant win2k8 --network network=default,model=virtio \ --graphics vnc,listen=,port=65560 --noautoconsole Hope someone could help me out. It's driving me insane atm! Best Regards!