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Second VM stays black


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So I have a Problem: my two PCIe slots on my Server are taken by a GTX 1080ti and an 750ti and I want to run two VMs now my Problem is that unRAID uses my 750ti as output for the unRAID Terminal or GUI and as soon as I want to start the Second VM the terminal or GUI dissapers and I get no signal ;( I know that you might need an third card for unRAID in the first slot but I need both of the Cards and the onboard Graphics don't send output unless no GPU is inserted.





Please Help!


My Setup:

HP ProLiant DL180 g6

with dual Intel Xeon X5650 CPUs

and a 1080ti+750ti

16 Gb Ram 

1 TB HDD as Parity + 500 GB HDD as Disk1

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Try using OVMF instead of Seabios for your VMs -- unfortunately you can't change this setting once your VM OS is installed so you'll have to create a pair of new VMs.  At least you can create a new VM with OVMF and just see if starting that VM causes the screen to go blank on your console.

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