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What is my next step in gpu pass through troubleshooting?


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I’ve been using my unraid machine mainly with dockers, but I decided I want to mess around with a vm with a gpu, and it is proving much trickier than I thought. In my first slot I had a fx 580 for console, and in my second slot a brand new Rx 560. My motherboard is a b350 tomahawk arctic and my cpu is a ryzen 1700.


When I first tried to start a windows 10vm I got an error that led me to realize my iommu groupings weren’t right. I enabled acs over ride and it did not fix the issue. So I switched the rx 560 to my first slot and the fx 580 to my second slot, and now the iommu groupings are good, but the rx560 is taken for my console.


I tried booting with only a monitor in the fx580 but that didn’t make it be grabbed for the console, and I didn’t see an option for that in bios. I’m able to start the vm in this configuration, but I lose my console display, the screen then shows white dots across it and crashes. I assume it’s because it’s also set as the console card. I’m not sure where to go from here, and haven’t found anything on google to help me figure it out. Any help finding where to go next would be great, thanks!



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