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Cloud Sync on schedule


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Hi everyone,


I've been looking for a solution to this and I can't seem to find one. Need your ideas please.


My NAS needs are fairly small (~15GB) at the moment. I want to have them synchronized on Google Drive, on schedule (say every 4 hours). However, I would also like whatever I'm adding on GDrive from home to be synced on the server, on schedule.


With rclone, I successfully mounted the cloud on /mnt/disks/folder, however, working on it actively it's not feasible as the files are CAD files that are changed with every save + backup. There will also be others in the future working on CAD files on the server. It will bring the network down as not all the files are small.


Is there any way of having a 2 way sync every 4 hours, between the cloud and the server?


Can anyone suggest any other solution? (NextCloud or rsync or mounting google drive on /mnt/disk1/folder?)


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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6 hours ago, Jules said:

Is there any way of having a 2 way sync every 4 hours, between the cloud and the server?

Why so short interval? If it's fire you are afraid of, then every night should be ok. Or is there a need to quickly get access to changes on the alternative side?


How do you plan to protect yourself from accidental file overwrites? You don't get any versioning with a traditional synchronization - you just get a copy of the most recent save. So if you save a file and then realize the last edit was bad, you can't recover the previous save after the synchronization has duplicated the change to the cloud.


And what is the plan for handling file deletes? If deletes are also mirrored then an accidental delete of a directory tree will kill the cloud copy within a couple of hours.

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