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Attached External Storage devices


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I have a question, If i was to setup unraid on a new computer with 2 internal HD's  and an my Drobo 5D via USB, will it format my Drobo upon installation? if so is there a way to avoid it?

and will be be able to mount NFS via unraid as well? 


Thanks for your help.

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I would not add the DROBO to the main array - I would keep it as an Unassigned Device.   It is not normally good practise to have USB drives as part of the main array.


in terms of the number of devices from a licensing perspective, it all depends on how the Drobo announces itself to unRAID.    I ‘think’ it hides the fact it has multiple bays and just pretends to be a single large disk that is the amalgam of the individual bays.   I do not have a drobo that has the usb connection option so am not certain.  It would be easy enough to plug it into unRAID to make sure.

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