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Python script will help you archive plex dvr recordings


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I created this script due to the fact that I was slowly running out of space on my unRaid box, The script allows for archiving optimized versions. Please read the article on my blog


Python script will help you archive plex dvr recordings.


Plex dvr is a welcomed addition to this great media server. However, before you start recording your favorite show, you should be aware that recordings can take a lot of space on your server. Plex saves the files as Transport Stream with the extension “ts”. On average one hour show will take about 6 GB of space. If you plan to record more shows and you would like to watch them at later time, you will eventually run into problem of not having enough of space. One option is to purchase larger hard drives. Other option is to compress recordings to smaller formats. Plex does not have this feature yet, however it is capable of compressing files into mp4. It is called optimized version. Once you decide to create optimized version Plex will create special folder within TV Series Season folder where compressed files are stored. This will allow you to stream optimized version to your phone or any other device. This is not an archiving feature. Once you delete original recording, the optimized version is also deleted from the the hard drive. This is where python script comes in. It will move and replace original ts recording with new optimized mp4 version. Before we can run the script we have to prepare computer or server to run the script. The script was created in mind that it will be run on Linux unRaid box. However, since it is python script it should be able to run on any PC that has Python installed.








Please let me know if you have any questions










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