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Intel (Skylake) iGPU passthrough driver install windows 7?


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I'm attempting to set up a windows 7 vm using the integrated graphics on my i7-6700k.  I can select the Intel 530 just fine, and it boots up the machine on the monitor, but all i can get to work is the 'Standard VGA Adapter', stuck at 640x480x16 mode.  I cannot get it to install intel drivers, they just complain about the hardware not being supported.  What is the process to get passthrough to work with intel graphics?

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Sometimes you need to create a ROM file for video passthrough to work. 


Suggest watching part 2 of the Gridrunner video on setting up a VM. It says for Gaming, but it is really for any passthrough. It will cover how to create the ROM file, and you might find some other ideas. I have no direct experience with passing through an intergraed GPU.

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