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unraid freeze hangcheck


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since a couple of days now (3-4 days) my unraid server will kind of freeze. I cann't acces the webgui and my VM's are verry slow.

when I plugged a monitor to the server I get many times the error

 Hangcheck: hangcheck value past margin!

I need to hard reset the server in order to get it to work, but the weird thing is that it will only freeze in the evening.

I'm running the unraid version 6.5.3

I always have 2 VM's running (1 ubuntu server pihole and 1 windows 10)

I got the following dockers running: filebot, plex, transmission and handbrake


I have seen some other older posts with the same error, but they said that the OC was the problem, but I can't even OC  my cpu


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