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Second cache disk moved to unassigned devices


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Today I added my 7th device (5 hdd + 2 ssd [250gb each]), upgraded my unRaid license and I noticed that one of my Cache drives moved to Unassigned Devices.

What is interesting is that it cache says "Size 500gb" despite there is just one SSD left in this section and another one is unassigned.


I read there were issues with adding devices with different browsers, I can operate on macos, so currently cannot use IE.


imageproxy.php?img=&key=00b562fcac28e727I attach screenshot + diag file.


Help is much appreciated :)




From FAQ:


Why is my cache disk(s) unassigned after a reboot?


Some users have this issue when using Chrome to add cache disk(s), single cache disk or one or more disks from a cache pool don't stay assigned after a reboot, use IE or Firefox for this operation, use it for the complete procedure, assign cache disk(s), start array, stop array and reboot, your assignments should stick now.


If using a different browser doesn't work, boot unRAID in safe mode, assign your cache devices, start array, stop array and reboot in normal mode, assignments should now stick.


I think, when I tried to assign my 2nd cache drive, there was a warning saying "all data will be overwritten", maybe I did something wrong?

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I cannot see your screenshots adequately on my phone. Is your intent to have a mirrored cache pool? If so it looks like you answered your question. Use Firefox and add the 2nd cache disk.


Or is there something else going on?



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