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  1. unfortunately it's stuck on "Updating..." I waited like 5-10 minutes, then if I try to remove it, it's the same. Funny enough if I go to Tools -> Docker Safe New Perms, the VM disappeared? and then I just removed the file on cache...
  2. I think there is something off with the permissions in my setup, is there a way to "reset" it? Why would such error occur... I followed the tutorial and just after running the helper script I have If I want to delete it, it's:
  3. Following the guide, unfortunately I got an error and there is almost nothing on the google to try to overcome this... any ideas? edit1: I will try the tape trick now -> no change with the tape edit2: I will try with it on another motherboard -> I got different error, couldn't Initialze PAL -> I was able to succesfully flash it in UEFI mode edit3: What a ride, all drives are visible now I hope this topic will help someone in the future as well edit 4: I went to Tools -> New Config -> Selected Preserve "al
  4. Thanks for clearing that out! Okay, so it worked perfectly in this mode with ASRock B365M Pro4 and G5400 for a year. What is bizzare I remember watching this tutorial a year ago and I thought I followed it... Now if I flash it to IT mode, I will have to do new config anyway right, but it should allow this missing 8TB disk to be seen again? 2nd option would be to keep it the way it is, create new config and utilise last 8th cable from the controller for a future disk?
  5. her you go, Sir
  6. It’s funny that all of my shucked drives are fine, this one is the only 8tb „regular” WD Red. I even tried it with the the tape mod, but no change. 5x 4tb are WD Reds no problems, same with shucked 8’s. What’s the easiest way to check firmware on my Dell H310?
  7. Hi! I decided to upgrade my intel G5400 to new 10700k and Gigabyte Vision D setup and move compltely to VMs. I have been running my server for over a year now without any issues. After the upgrade I had to use 6.9.0-rc1 in order to recognize new NIC on my card (it was invisible for 6.8.3 version). I have a problem with one disk (normal WD Red 8TB, not shucked). I have 9 drives in my array: 1 via SATA (Parity) 8 via Dell H310 (as I remember I flashed it before making my setup, don't remember which version probably newest) All working well, but one Disk - n
  8. Okay, nothing happened to my array - thank you so much. The only thing that doesnt work now is mentioned VM, it’s stuck on „TianoCore” after I try to launch it :.|
  9. I am not sure - how can I verify it? Should I try to boot my PC without the unRaid USB stick and see if it boots? It seems that you are right @jonathanm, I pulled out the unRaid USB stick and it still booted... How can I now get the stick to work again?
  10. What do I need to change in order to shut down my VM? I passthrough my GPU as well, so currently I can only shut down my Windows client from it. I am not sure how to even trigger unRaid reboot now. Both unassigned device NVMe and VM are on "auto-start"
  11. Problem: I can't access my unRaid web interface (usual address doesn't work) What happened: Today I moved my Win10 VM from cache SSDs to unassigned NVMe device, I struggled a little bit, but then I used spaceinvaders video and finished with a success (it started booting from his Clover img) - what is weird for me, is that I see all of my array disks inside "Disk Management" tool in Win10 + I see unRaid USB stick as D: in "My Computer" I am super happy that my VM works from unassigned device and is booting well, but... I have no idea how to access unRaid now :|. I couldn't find
  12. Hi, Today I added my 7th device (5 hdd + 2 ssd [250gb each]), upgraded my unRaid license and I noticed that one of my Cache drives moved to Unassigned Devices. What is interesting is that it cache says "Size 500gb" despite there is just one SSD left in this section and another one is unassigned. I read there were issues with adding devices with different browsers, I can operate on macos, so currently cannot use IE. I attach screenshot + diag file. Help is much appreciated From FAQ:
  13. Hi, My setup is: i7 5820k GTX970 3 HDD (Parity 4TB and 4TB + 3TB) 2 SSD (250GB + 250GB) - used as cache pool in single mode so I have 500GB space I use deluge, PLEX and 1 Win10 VM (8 threads for VM, 4 threads for the rest, sits on cache) dockers. I noticed that lately performance of my unRAID dropped in every aspect. My VM that worked perfectly now has regular problems with sound, graphics, mouse scroll stops working from time to time... even the keyboard stopped working once. On deluge, whenever one file is downladed and the mo
  14. I have very similar issue, is there any solution?
  15. Hi, My setup is: i7 5820k GTX970 3 HDD (Parity 4TB and 4TB + 3TB) 2 SSD (250GB + 250GB) - used as cache pool in single mode so I have 500GB space I use deluge, PLEX and 1 Win10 VM (8 threads for VM, 4 threads for the rest, sits on cache) dockers. 1) Whenever I download couple of files at the same time and one of them is fully downloaded -> triggers the move from cache to array, all of the other transfers go down to 0kb/s until the file is fully moved. It is very troublesome especially for bigger files (10GB+) and I remember I didn't ha