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Windows Update Problems


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Now that windows forces updates, I am having difficulty with my VM's. On update, they will fail to complete the update and the recovery processes will fail too. I had been having some success with doing update then shutdown, then restarting the VM with only 1 core available to the VM, but that workaround seems to be failing now too.


I am looking for any advice on how to make these updates less painful at the very least (and to make them work would obviously be best).


I recently updated from an i5-4570 to an i7-4790K, but that hasn't made any difference in this department.


I am running current version of unraid, Win-10 (obviously latest version grrr) on an AsRock Z87-Extreme 6; i7-4790K, 32GB (system, 8GB to VM) and the VM's are running off of the cache drive (SSD). I am passing through a Radeon 480, and everything works hunky-dory except the updates. I am using i440-fx-2.11, and virtio 0.1.118.


Will provide any details needed to help troubleshoot.



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