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[SOLVED] 6.5.3 - Cache shares are slow, but writing directly to cache disk is fast


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Hi everyone,


I searched the forums, but I could not find an answer to this. Attached are my test results for testing my disk speeds. You can see that when I write to the cache share it has a huge performance decrease. When I write directly to the drive (`/mnt/cache`) you can see my speeds are incredibly improved.


I am running the disk speed test suggested from this post. I am also running Unraid 6.5.3.


Any thoughts on why the share is so much slower?



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Thanks @johnnie.black! My network transfers were also slow, so it was just a coincidence that `dd` was producing slow results as well.


I continued some troubleshooting and this seemed to resolved my issue:

  1. I enabled `Direct IO` per this post
  2. Once I had that enabled, my speeds were dramatically better over the network (`dd` was still slow per your bug suggestion)
  3. Some docker containers failed to start though, so I followed these steps to delete the Docker image and pull everything back down again
Looking good now, thanks! ?
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