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  1. USB is not recommended for array devices, for performance and reliability reasons.
  2. You should try using the SSD on one of the Intel onboard ports, since Marvell controllers are known to drop devices.
  3. There is something writing to disk1
  4. Try rebooting by typing reboot on the console or over SSH.
  5. I never said they didn't, I said they didn't support SMART tests, which was what the OP was asking about.
  6. No, that's just updating xfsprogs to latest, though since it didn't resolve the earlier issue it should be deleted since Unraid will sooner or later use a more recent version.
  7. I said NVMe devices don't support SMART tests, and AFAIK no NVMe device supports short or long SMART tests, if that's not correct please post a SMART output showing otherwise, all SATA SSD still support SMART tests.
  8. OK, I see that: Jun 15 03:02:51 Tower root: Creating new image file: /mnt/user/system/libvirt/libvirt.img size: 1G Unraid is trying to create libvirt.img but it never gets created, there aren't also any errors or reason why it's failing to do it, weird issue, if possible I would try connecting the disk to the onboard controller and trying again, or make sure libvirt is created on a device using the onboard controller, like a cache device.
  9. Disk1 is mounting correctly: Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/md1 3.7T 25G 3.7T 1% /mnt/disk1 Is is not available on the shares or what is exactly the problem?
  10. No, that's normal, NVMe devices don't support SMART tests, since it's useless for flash devices.
  11. RAM should be fine, use the array normally and grab and post diagnostics if there are any further issues.