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  1. johnnie.black

    Parity drive in error state

    Still offline, rebooting might not be enough:
  2. johnnie.black

    Unraid OS version 6.6.2 available

    This is likely a problem with libvirt.img and not directly related to this release, you should start a thread on the general support forum and don't forget to please post your diagnostics: Tools -> Diagnostics
  3. johnnie.black

    Why Parity check run after reboot?

    Please post your diagnostics: Tools -> Diagnostics and you can just cancel the check.
  4. johnnie.black

    Parity drive in error state

    Parity dropped offline so there's no SMART report, check cables and/or power cycle the server so it comes back online and post new diags.
  5. After a disk gets disable it need to be rebuilt, to a new disk or the same, to the same see: https://wiki.unraid.net/Troubleshooting#Re-enable_the_drive It doesn't, you need to format the drives after clearing them.
  6. This is a hardware error, likely related to the USB enclosure.
  7. johnnie.black

    Windows 10 wont boot - Bad System Config Info error

    Cache filesystem is corrupt, and it's no wonder: Oct 10 16:36:20 smserver kernel: BTRFS info (device sdb1): bdev /dev/sdc1 errs: wr 533355, rd 277945, flush 17942, corrupt 0, gen 0 Oct 10 16:36:20 smserver kernel: BTRFS info (device sdb1): bdev /dev/sdb1 errs: wr 3693040, rd 2824370, flush 68703, corrupt 0, gen 0 Thousands of read and write errors on both devices, these are hardware errors, and on SSDs usually the result of bad cable(s)
  8. johnnie.black

    BTRFS csum Warnings

    It shouldn't, but this issue doesn't make much sense from the beginning, so not sure what's going on.
  9. johnnie.black

    BTRFS csum Warnings

    Try it, but it doesn't make much sense the scrub not detecting the error.
  10. johnnie.black

    Network Card not available (INTEL PRO/1000 PT QUAD PORT)

    No, and until it's detected it will never work.
  11. johnnie.black

    How many drives vs. 1 parity? Dual parity in the future?

    Current max is 28 with a Pro license. Incorrect, Unraid supports dual parity since v6.2
  12. johnnie.black

    Advice on new build

    It does, but only two devices since there are no x16 slots, only x8.
  13. johnnie.black

    Network Card not available (INTEL PRO/1000 PT QUAD PORT)

    NIC isn't being detected, try a different slot, also and IIRC some of these NICs only work on a PCIe 1.0 slot.
  14. johnnie.black

    Windows 10 Not Finding Server

    That is it, there are many reasons for SMB issues, not likely to find the holy grail that will fix the problem for everyone, and the problem is almost certainly on the Windows side, some setting that was changed or not working as it should, I bet that if you did a clean Windows install it would work without any issues. A few more things to try: -Check SMB3 is enable on Windows, on powershell type: sc.exe qc lanmanworkstation Look for MRxSmb20 on the dependencies, it shouldn't be just MRxSmb10 or both. -Disable SMB1 on Windows, though Unraid still works with SMB1 it's very unsafe to use and Unraid has no problem with SMB3, so unless there's a very good reason to keep it disable SMB1: Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off -> SMB 1.0/CIFS File sharing support -> Uncheck -increase Samba logging on Unraid: Settings -> SMB -> SMB extras log level = 3 logging = syslog Click apply then try to connect from your desktop and check the syslog to see if any errors are logged. Also worth checking Windows logs, though only a limited number of errors are logged: Event viewer -> Application and Services logs -> Microsoft -> Windows -> SMBClient -> Connectivity
  15. johnnie.black

    Advice on new build

    That is registered ECC and it's won't work, you need unbuffered ECC e.g.: https://www.amazon.com/Kingston-Technology-ValueRAM-KVR24E17D8-16/dp/B01FM3GBC0 Any GPU should work, but the board has IPMI so don't see the need for a KVM