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  1. Swap cables (both) or slot with another disk and try again.
  2. Disk is OK for now, but any more errors I would replace it, run a correcting check now, if there are sync errors run another one after that, if there are still sync errors on the 2nd run post new diags (without rebooting).
  3. Diags are after rebooting so we can't see what happened, my first guess would be the not so uncommon SATA controller problem with Ryzen based boards. Parity looks fine, so check filesystem on disk2 and re-sync parity, if it happens again make sure to grab diags before rebooting.
  4. Looks like a controller problem, It also dropped one of your unassigned disks, Marvell controllers are not recommended, also see here for better pool monitoring.
  5. You need to have at least one data device assigned to the array, but it can be anything, like a small flash drive.
  6. Not without the diagnostics, also careful with btrfs check --repair, it should only be used if told to do so, or it might make things even worse.
  7. If after a correcting check you get more sync errors (without an unclean shutdown) first thing to do is to run memtest.
  8. If you're sure which drive is parity just check "parity is already valid" before starting the array.
  9. Due to cache running out of space the docker image got corrupted, but it's easy to re-create.
  10. It's normal with recent xfs drives, it uses adicional space for new functions, like reflinking.
  11. I don't use encryption, it's up to you if you think you need it or not.
  12. With Windows they should work on the same segment if you prefer.