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  1. johnnie.black

    how do you use OpenVPN Command line

    use rsync --progress
  2. johnnie.black

    Multiple Errors

    Disk that dropped is on a Marvell controller, those are known to drop disks, suggest you replace it.
  3. johnnie.black

    Moving from 16 bay to 42 hot swap bays --- case check?

    That's a raid controller, though it might be flashable to IT mode, if it isn't it's not a good option, 9207 is IT mode only.
  4. johnnie.black

    Disks attached to Rocket 750 not recognized

    Likely this, though it might take a while, since this issues aren't new.
  5. johnnie.black

    Randomly shows array offline and throws errors.

    Flash drive problem, could be corrupt, failing, or try using a different USB port, USB 2.0 preferred.
  6. johnnie.black

    cache drive read-only after unclean shutdown

    See here for some options to try and recover the data before re-formatting: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/46802-faq-for-unraid-v6/?do=findComment&comment=543490
  7. Yes. Most likely. Does it show up in the devices? You can post your diags with the expander connected to check.
  8. johnnie.black

    Multiple Errors

    Yes, and if another gets disable again grab the diags before rebooting.
  9. johnnie.black

    [6.7.0-rc2] Reading all disks when writing to a single one

    My tests are also done with default tunables.
  10. johnnie.black

    Sata card

    It's linked above.
  11. johnnie.black

    Sata card

    Took me under 10 minutes to crossflash my last H310, if you have a Windows PC you can use it instead of boot flash drive, no problems with UEFI.
  12. johnnie.black

    Multiple Errors

    Filesystem corruption and disabled disks are two completely different things, did you re-format the disk?
  13. johnnie.black

    Help with Specific Error

    LSI SAS2 HBAs stopped supporting trim since Unraid v6.4, it's a Linux driver problem, you can use the onboard SATA ports, if that's not an option get a SAS3 HBA, trim still works on those.
  14. johnnie.black

    [6.7.0-rc2] Reading all disks when writing to a single one

    One more data point, it doesn't happen to me with btrfs disks, only with xfs.
  15. johnnie.black

    Imminent Drive Failure?

    Depends on the use you intend, but a disk that can't return the written data without errors is usually not of much use.