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  1. johnnie.black

    Call trace issue started 6.5.3

    Are you using custom IP for dockers? Macvlan is usually related to that and there's was recently an issue with that, not sure if it was fixed or not, if yes try temporarily disabling them to see if that's the culprit.
  2. johnnie.black

    Trial installation now won't boot

    I did have a similar error recently trying to boot my work Unraid flash drive (which I know was and is working properly) on a AMD E based netbook to check SMART, I even tried v6.5.3 and it was the same, but I do use an AMD 64 X2 CPU at work, so it's not an AMD issue in general but it could be an issue for some AMD CPUs and/or chipsets.
  3. johnnie.black

    Parity drive in error state

    That's weird, SMART status bad means there should be a failing now SMART attribute, still disk is showing some issues, mainly: 183 Runtime_Bad_Block -O--CK 063 063 000 - 37 If it fails again I would replace it.
  4. If that's an option it's the best one.
  5. johnnie.black

    BTRFS csum Warnings

    One thing I forgot, if it happens again try to see what the affected file is by using the inode number, e.g. for the earlier error: find /mnt/cache -inum 382101
  6. johnnie.black

    Finishing touches on build, moving from FreeNAS to unRaid

    It's not just for virtualization, Marvell devices have a tendency for dropping devices, though they can work well for some, still not recommended.
  7. There's no way of knowing, I assume the earlier rebuild finished but with errors, if so best bet would be to rebuild the same disk again.
  8. johnnie.black

    Finishing touches on build, moving from FreeNAS to unRaid

    Both Marvell and not recommended for Unraid.
  9. ATA errros on almost all disks, looks more like a cable/connection problem, could also be power supply, if it's none of these it could be the board/controller.
  10. johnnie.black

    Parity drive in error state

    Still offline, rebooting might not be enough:
  11. johnnie.black

    Unraid OS version 6.6.2 available

    This is likely a problem with libvirt.img and not directly related to this release, you should start a thread on the general support forum and don't forget to please post your diagnostics: Tools -> Diagnostics
  12. johnnie.black

    Why Parity check run after reboot?

    Please post your diagnostics: Tools -> Diagnostics and you can just cancel the check.
  13. johnnie.black

    Parity drive in error state

    Parity dropped offline so there's no SMART report, check cables and/or power cycle the server so it comes back online and post new diags.
  14. After a disk gets disable it need to be rebuilt, to a new disk or the same, to the same see: https://wiki.unraid.net/Troubleshooting#Re-enable_the_drive It doesn't, you need to format the drives after clearing them.
  15. This is a hardware error, likely related to the USB enclosure.