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  1. As long as using Windows 8 or newer you don't have to do anything, for some time now Samba supports Server-Side Copy. If nothing else works you can add the Unraid server to the Windows hosts file to access it by name.
  2. Settings -> Network Settings -> Interface Rules Reboot to apply.
  3. It's not communicating correctly with the disk, if it's a connection problem or an actual disk problem difficult to say by those.
  4. Just to be clear you do have the expander connected to the HBA right?
  5. Test everything the data uses from the desktop to the server, NICs, switch, cables, other desktop.
  6. Not likely, also I assume the Dell uses ECC RAM, most likely some network issue.
  7. That's an xfs bug present on latest stable, update to v6.7rc and re-run xfs_repair.
  8. You wouldn't, either there's filesystem corruption or a problem with the flash drive itself. If that doesn't fix it it's likely a failing flash drive, try re-formatting it.
  9. There's a problem with the flash drive, filesystem is read-only: Apr 23 19:37:01 Samwise emhttpd: error: put_disk_settings, 3431: Read-only file system (30): fopen: /boot/config/disk.cfg Check filesystem of the flash drive on another PC/laptop.
  10. Lots of FSCK files on the flash drive, likely there are some corrupt files, run a filesystem check on the flash drive and download the latest Unraid zip and try just copying the bz* files overwriting existing ones.
  11. That would suggest you have another invalid/emulated disk besides parity, or you're trying to add a new disk a the same time, the error can be unhelpful and not describe the correct issue, please post the diagnostics: Tools -> Diagnostics
  12. Disk dropped offline and was reconnected as sdr, that's usually a connection problem, CRC errors would also point in that direction.
  13. If you have all the data you need from cache you can format, if not see here for some possible ways to recover.
  14. Drive is showing not installed because array was started with that disk missing, everything looks normal, emulated disk is mounting correctly, you just need to stop the array, assign the new disk and start again to begin the rebuild. You should also update to latest stable.
  15. If the disks you've been having problems with don't share something in common like a miniSAS cable, controller, etc, try with different power supply. P.S. disk6 rebuild from a week ago will have some corrupt data since there were read errors on another disk during it.