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Help! I think I screwed the mover

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So I made a bit of a mistake last night, I was trying to clear up about 300 torrents in Deluge and move them to Rutorrent (deluge was making too many mistakes). So I went into the Krusader container and moved all the files from the deluge download folder to the rutorrent folder, something was clearly wrong with the move, rutorrent was failing file checks and generally being a dick.


I decided I'd stop all the docker containers and launch one by one, but they wouldn't shut down. I checked the logs and saw mover was transferring the files one by one off the 120GB cache drive. I figured I'd leave it overnight to sort itself out, but now the array in 99% full and mover is still running. I should note, all the files in deluge were hard linked, I had 2.8TB free yesterday, now I have 800GB.


All containers are now stopped but the cache is still showing something writing to it, what's going on!?


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So I ran out of space on the server, seems like mover was trying to copy about 4TB of data for some reason, I killed mover with:

p:kill mover

Then did a clean reboot, turned off cache for the offending media folder, deleted all the new copied files, cleaned up the original directory (mover had ruined a few files somehow), then enabled cache for the media folder again, ran mover, and now it's all cleared up. Lesson learned is not to do any large data moves without turning off cache first.

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