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Hi all - I have been using unRaid for a few years now on an old PC build that I had gathering dust.  It is running an AMD Phenom Quad Core 2200 with 8 GB RAM (DDR2, it is OLD).


As I use it primarily as a Plex Server, and NAS backup for files, pics, videos, etc, it has been holding up well.


Starting to out grow it now - No more room for drives, and it really isnt able to run VMs, which I would like to do.


I was looking at used server hardware on ebay, and a few things caught me eye...But I have ZERO experince with real server hardware, so I need to be sure that these things will work before I buy.


For Example, I like the look of the below dell poweredve r510...




Would I be able to buy some sleds, and move my existing drives into this server, and be up and running?  Are there things I should watch out for when shopping for a server?


Any advice is appreciated.

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