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Question: Moving files to user shares


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I have seen questions from other users regarding the moving of files already on a server. I see comments back that explain files should not be moved from the array to user shares. Files should only be moved to disk shares for fear of file corruption. I use a cache drive but only for hosting VMs and Docker configs. My user shares all go directly to the parity protected array and bypass the cache. I have an unassigned devices scratch drive mounted where I transfer files onto the server. I then use midnight commander through the shell to move the files from the /mnt/disks directory utilized by the unassigned devices plugin and transfer the files to the /mnt/user shares. I have done it this way for a few years now. I have not seen any issues doing it this way so far. Is there a problem with this data flow that I should fear data corruption?

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You’ve got it slightly muddled up.


You shouldn’t move data between disks and shares INSIDE your array. This increases the risk of data loss and data double up. ( moving data between shares is ok. Moving data between disks in the array is ok with some precautions).


What you are doing, transferring data to the scratch disk and then to the array, is what the cache disk was set up originally for. This setting is included in the share settings. (Use cache disk: yes or Use cache disk: prefer). Then the “mover” takes care of shifting the data from cache to array. This setting might not be suitable to your needs depending how big your cache is and how much data you transfer.


Also check the help button in your wedgui for more specific information.


Hope this helps


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