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  1. It’s shown in the quote “chmod -x /path/to/script/“ (remove quotes). The -x means executable. Run this command in a console window. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Only other thing I can think of is the certificate in Jacketts app data is old or balked. See if you can flush the old one.
  3. It might be Telstra blocking that website. I know Australia has cracked down on torrent sites. Have you tried connecting to hd-torrents via your browser? Only solution is either to find another torrent site, or switch internet providers, or set up a vpn.
  4. A friend of mine is a Plex nut. He’s not running Unraid but works with Linux. He’s done a heap of card testing and wrote up his results in a really nice website. Check it out
  5. I did this when I was trying to figure out a server lockup. Turned out to be Radarr. I fixed it by limiting the containers memory. Edit the container and add —memory=xG To “extra parameters“ (Where x equals a value you are comfortable with). Hope this helps.
  6. It looks like GitHub is down. You’ll have to wait for a while. Keep an eye on the Community Applications thread for an update.
  7. I use 2 dockers for historical info. Netdata for fine details. Munin for long term stats history.
  8. I had system hangs with this as well. It was from mono running away with my ram. In the end I limited the ram to this docker to just 1GB.
  9. Try the NUT plugin instead. The built in application works best with APC branded UPS’s. you’ll find the NUT plugin via Community Applications. (Don’t forget to turn off the APC application before starting NUT so there is no interference).
  10. Sounds nice. I hope it goes well. And welcome to UNRAID.
  11. I have 16GB ram in my system. I do have to limit a couple of my dockers from hogging too much ram. And I’m not gaming on mine. Most people with VMs have at least 32GB. Might be a good idea if you can get some more. Make sure your sas card can be flashed to IT mode so it can pass the HDDs directly to unraid. Makes life easier in the long run.
  12. Sounds very doable. You could leave 4cores/8 threads to unraid. I used to run my whole system with 4-7 streams from Plex on a i5-4460 (just 4 cores on that one, no VMs). Or you could leave 2 cores/4 threads to unraid and use the rest on you VM. Just make sure you definitely leave core 0 and h/t pair to unraid. Also check out a really good discussion in the thread Has a lot of info on other peoples systems. Also check out the spaceinvaderone videos on YouTube. He shows how to get your system up and running.
  13. A bit of a shot in the dark; Have you tried /config -> /mnt/cache/apps/radarr Instead of /config -> /mnt/user/apps/radarr
  14. This happens to me sometimes when I stop and restart the container too quickly. Eg stopping it just after starting the container, interrupting the torrent ‘resume’ process. There is a ‘state’ folder in the appdata which you can use to get it going. You’ll just have to re-add the torrents manually. You might have to add them in a paused state and make sure they are pointing to the right folder where your completed and not completed are kept. Then you’ll have to get them all to rescan for files. Could take a while.
  15. You need to specify a build number within the edit docker page. In the repository field, add build number after linuxserver/deluge:XXX put in a number from the docker webpage -> tags. Click link in docker containers webgui Eg: “By:Linuxserver/deluge:latest”