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Logitech gaming software and VM help


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Good Day,


I have a logitech g910 orion spectrum keyboard and a g600 mmo mouse that I am trying to setup in win 10 vm. The system recognizes the mouse and the description is there, but keyboard is a generic "HID Keyboard Device" in device manager. Both work, but I can not get the logitech gaming software to apply changes to either. I have changed usb ports to a PCIe USB expansion card and is the same. 


Is there some compability issue or a trick I need to do?  For instance, the default keys for the mouse works, but changing it to another key like F11 does not take affect. I have looked for this issue online and not coming up with anything solid. Thoughts? Suggestions?


Appreciate any help

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The best way to get USB to work well in a VM is to make the VM own a full USB controller. Then there will be no translation layer involved when handing over USB devices to the VM.


The infrastructure normally wants to normalize connected devices just to make the VM easy to move to other host machines, but while an office machine might be happy with seeing a generic keyboard and mouse you obviously do not want that for a gaming machine.

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