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UNRAID 6.3.5 - Docker Engine (all dockers) non responsive


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Hi all,


I am having some weird issues which looks like its coming from my Docker Engine.


The issue started about a week ago and comes across as these symptoms

1. Dockers seem unresponsive i.e. Emby Tvheadend etc..

2. When I go to the Docker menu  - They are all showing as running however when I try to goto their respective Webui they are not responsive

3. I Dont think stopping and Starting makes any difference



Below are a set of steps I have tried

1. Delete Docker Img - re-create and add all containers back

2. Docker image is 30GB with 5GB being used

3. stopping and starting docker engine from command line via  /etc/rc.d/rc.docker stop / start seems to restore things


I have ran a diagnostic and I see these two errors come up int the Docker log file


time="2018-08-02T06:17:24.90385105+10:00" level=info msg="stopping containerd after receiving terminated" 
time="2018-08-03T17:51:27.298044846+10:00" level=info msg="stopping containerd after receiving terminated" 

Any advice or thoughts to help troubleshoot would be ace!


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Ok I have tried to see if there is a specific container causing this issue but cant seem to find it.


The weird thing is that CA Advisor shows memory at 96% however when i run 

Docker stats

The memory on each container is hardly being used.


Any thoughts anyone? or what else to check for?




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Since you're not in a specific container, cAdvisor is showing the total memory used on your system, including some caching.  Getting the stats on a particular container will show the memory usage of it, exluding caching.


Diagnostics (after doing whatever you do to get the symptoms in the OP) is always a plus when posting

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